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  1. REDIRECT Template:ParodistDewElr1's AGK series is all about Leopold. Leopold is smart and he more likely to be the nice kind person, but the bully Stephen Quire wants to make his life misrable by calling him names and beating him.


  • Stephen Quire: Leopold's Enemy(not as a threat)
  • Mao Zedong: Leopold's Enemy(deceased)
Supporting Characters

Leopold's Family


  • Jake Randolf: Leopold's Best Friend
  • Mr. Hall: Leopold's Teacher
  • Sonic.exe: Leopold's Friend
  • Rosa: Leopold Friend
  • Nate: Leopold Friend
  • Principal Hitler: Leopold Friend and Principal


Old series
Title Watch
1 Leopold goes to school
2 Leopold watches Hatsune Miku
3 Leopold meets Stephen Quire
4 Leopold goes to Japan
5 Leopold goes to Japan (Part 2)
6 Leopold goes to Russia
7 Leopold plays Sonic.exe
8 Leopold gets stung by a bee
9 Leopold plays Slenderman
10 Leopold meets Caillou
11 Leopold sees himself on YouTube
12 Leopold watches Candle Cove
New series
1 Leopold goes to school
2 Leopold gets a new computer
3 Leopold gets stuck in a tree