Diabeetus is an condition in TheDrapocalypse's AGK series. It is a central plot element to Season Three of the series.


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Diabeetus is a serious form of Diabetes. The Symptoms are as follows shown below.

1.) Basic Diabetes Symptoms (I.E. Constant Thirst, Loss of Energy, Blindness, Nerve Pain.)

2.) Involuntary Spasms

3.) Hyperventilation Attacks

4.) Vomiting in massive amounts

5.) Extreme Hunger

6.) Frequent Urination

7.) Weight Loss

8.) Potential Death

9.) Diabetic Shock

10.) Inactivity

11.) Possible Cancer

12.) Numbness in Limbs

It is unknown as of now exactly how many symptoms of Diabeetus there are, but since Season Three of TheDrapocalypse's AGK series is not complete, there may be more revealed as the Season progresses.

Possible Symptoms

1.) Cravings for Sugary Foods.

2.) Aggressive Behavior

3.) Excessive Swearing

Known Sufferers

Harold Slikk (possible)

Potato Brimley

Tom Chang (possible)

Origin of the Idea

The idea for Diabeetus comes from viral videos of the American Actor Wilford Brimley, who is the spokesperson for a diabetes association called Liberty Medical. In these videos for their advertisements, Wilford is seen constantly mispronouncing Diabetes as Diabeetus. Thus a meme was born.

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