Doctor Aufbau (Aufbau is German for 'Building up') is Leopold's main teacher in RCT3Crashes100's Angry German Kid Series. He is shown to be very intelligent, and doesn't approve of messing around in his lessons.


Episode 2: Leopold goes to school

Doctor Aufbau is Leopold's teacher for the start of the new term, and instructs his pupils to write an essay on Otto van Bismarck. Leopold plays Pokemon SoulSilver instead, and gets suspended by him.

Episode 5: Leopold meets a Strange Person

Doctor Aufbau asks Principal Gestalt if he can work on something, and the principal agrees. He is shown to be working on MechaGodzilla 2.

Episode 6: Leopold and the Mysterious Orb

Doctor Aufbau leads MechaGodzilla into battle against Leopold, and they fight outside the Hotel Adlon. Doctor Aufbau dies after MechaGodzilla 2 gets a short circuit from a bottle of Leopold's cola, and explodes.


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