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Message from DrLuigiGamer2001:
"Hi guys i was in School so i couldn't post for a while. My 16th birthday is coming soon. I would like to say thanks for hoping i am back for more than 3 months to the wiki i really want to say i was trying to get back to the wiki but school days really bothers me a lot, i wasted so much time getting back to the action so yeah i was just saying i am back. This is DrLuigiGamer2001 signing out."

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DrLuigiGamer2001 is a Canadian Agk parodist since 2015 but on 30th January 2016 his videos were deleted because people weren't paying attention to his videos and his last video he remembers that he has 1000 views.

When he was 5 years old, he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) that kept him playing tools and dangerous things with his hands doing childish plays like imagination of weapons or scream weirdly.

When he turned into 16, he was also diagnosed with Obsessive-Complusive Disorder (OCD) that he keeps repeating rituals like breathing ,checking things more than 20 times.


(2014-Present) DrLuigiGamer2001 era

DrLuigiGamer first Created his channel back in 24th August 2014 he didn't post a single video until 21st March 2015 he gained 5 subscribers few days later. Today he has 33 Subscribers.

AGK Parody Maker/First retirement(2015-2017)

DrLuigiGamer posted a video of AGK back in fall of Autumn 2015 he maded 3 seasons until 30th January 2016 when he saw that his AGK series views had Between 150-300 views

On January 30th he announced his retirement from making AGK he deleted all of them.

Future/Return to making AGK (2017-2019)

DrLuigiGamer says he will make a come back to making AGK But he has to wait his Older years to make AGK. For now he is trying making others series like (Adventures with Microsoft Sam Mario and Sonic show etc.) He is back from youtube since his 16th birthday.

Money struggling and Second Retirement (2019-present)

On September 7th 2019 he announces his second retirement from making AGK along with other parodies he made them: Hitler and Microsoft Sam reads funny windows errors. The reason is that he plans to focus on working other projects that includes being a game maker, tech reviewer and exe gamer but his AGK and hitler rants episodes might be his future.

Other Facts

  • He was born when Dark Angel: Vampire Apocalypse was released for PS2.
  • His birthday was a few days after the 4th July.
  • He actually didn't have his birthday issues because his parents do care about his birthday.
  • He hates school because it's too boring for him. Instead, he decided to stop studying.
  • He really likes Ivan187 because he apologized for what happened in June 2015.
  • He doesn't really like FoxyGamer but he doesn't hate him in general.
  • When his videos have lots of dislikes, negative comments or poor editing he doesn't hesitate taking them down (possibly avoiding CG Strikes).
  • He never drank any fizzing drinks since he was 7, until the age of 9.
  • He never made his YouTube channel back in 2013 because he was too young to make a channel.
  • He was 13 when his channel was made (today he is 14).
  • He never played any videogames since he was 3, until the age of 5.
  • His birthday was actually National Chocolate with almonds day.
  • He don't have his birthday issues or incident at all.
  • He is the second Canadian AGK parodist. The other is Tanzim K.
  • He can perfectly translate from French to English because he is Canadian. Other people who can translate are LeopoldXTailsko10120 and Cth103.
  • Sadly, he never spoke French to anyone, because he likes speaking English (you can however talk to him in either language).
  • He got a Siberian Husky dog (Actually it's another dog he got in Canada).
  • His dog can actually howl like a wolf. It is unknown why it happens.

What he likes

  • He likes Xbox One on his Computer tablet.
  • LeopoldXTailsko10120 (Now, AGK&Rockman2001), Travrinity, Atarster, BlueNewton, and more. (Friends)
  • Having a good life.
  • AGK (obviously).
  • KBDProuductionsTV, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye and more. (YouTubers)
  • Sonic and Mario games
  • Making Sonic and Mario adventure show (he is currently workin' in it :V).
  • Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew and Maple syrup. (Drinks)
  • His favorite season: Autumn.
  • His favorite months: January, February and July.
  • His favorite holiday: Thanksgiving.

What he hates

  • MlstUr prik (because he gets pissed off everytime mlstUr prik annoys him).
  • King Nigga Will Fuck you all UTTP (because it's his worst enemy).
  • FoxyGamer (he don't like him sometimes but in general; he will later apologize to him after turning 15).
  • UTTP and VGCP (because they don't stop the war).
  • Japanese Anime (like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto Shippuden, etc.).
  • Being cyberbullied.
  • UTTP and VGCP users.
  • Haris18 (just like everyone else).

Injuries he got

  • Sore foot (30th December 2015 - 5th April 2016)
  • Sore back (8th January 2011 - 30th December 2015)
  • Sore Ankle (17th February 2012 - 5th April 2016)

His Abilities

  • Painting: 5-10% (D-)
  • Making videos: 80-90%(A-)
  • Gmod videos: 0-5%(F)
  • Adding music: 95-100%(A+)


  • He's suffered from paranoia since at the age of 14.
  • He does makes mistakes when editing his accounts (Youtube twitter etc.)
  • He loves playing basketball he is trying to developping his free throw and the 3 pointer because his playing skills is Defense Rebounding Putbacks Midrange shooting and The inside scoring.
  • He doesn't like Football.
  • He cares alot people who has bad health etc.
  • Like most parodists, he doesn't post videos everyday. Instead, He posts his videos in approximatelly 4 or 5 months.
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