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Angry Sims Kid (also called Sim or Angry Simlish Kid) is a character who was first introduced in episode 6 of PrinceStickFigure's original Angry German Kid Series. He has since been used by many other AGK parodists.


PrinceStickFigure's AGK Series

He made his debut in episode 6 of PrinceStickFigure's AGK Series as he was seen fighting with Leopold.

In episode 11 of his rebooted series, he is seen fighting Leopold Slikk once again, but with Stephen Quire fighting along side him. Jake Randolf, Steve the Cat, and Jade the Rabbit fight along side Leopold. But Steve and Jade later get replaced with Ronald Ramirez after Stephen knocks Jade out.

AGKandvideomaker2000's AGK Series

He made his debut in episode 57 of AGKandvideomaker2000's series as he sent 1G1J to Leopold and got told on. He threw his laptop into Leopold's face and got expelled. He decided to fight Leopold to get revenge on him for getting expelled.

In episode 91, Sim gets revenge on Leopold again by sending him messages of K-fee commercials.

Icepenguins101's AGK Series

Sim is a minor antagonist who was fought by Leopold more than three times. He makes his debut in Adventures episode 41 (AGK vs ASK), returned to Rebooted for episode 7 (AGK vs ASK II: Crashing the Keyboards) and again for Unleashed episode 21 (AGK vs ASK III: Worst. Players. Ever).

In Reloaded, Sim is a member of The Bastards and one of Leopold's classmates (like AGKandvideomaker2000 and UsefulAGKHelper), who will be challenged one more time in AGK vs ASK IV: Roads to Tomorrow.

Adrenaline21's AGK Series

His name is Jack Randolf in this series as Adrenaline21 makes him different from Jake Randolf, who is Leopold's best friends in major AGK Series.

He makes his debut in AGK Remake Episode 1 as he's being introduced as a student during Johnny's introduction and in episode 23 of Adrenaline21's 1st AGK Series as he aids Leopold during battle with Togsy.

As the series throughout, Jack becomes 1 of Leopold's crew members to achieve the main goal, to prevent the villains rule the world such as Justin Bieber and Nova.

YumaSonic2016's AGK Series

Ethan Sims O'Brien is a freshman and troublemaker, and also bullies of primarily Leopold and Yune. He is also friends with Stephen and Croyt. While his older brother, Edward was born in the United States, Ethan was born in Germany and is of Irish-American descent.

He is similar to Samuel because of his tendencies of getting very angry and going butthurt. He also likes to scare his older brother just like everyone else.

He is also a huge fan of Sims and Grand Theft Auto. He's played these games since he was 8 years old. His brother also played games with him. He is a troll on Grand Theft Auto and says stuff that makes him so-called edgy.

He once got banned on XBOX Live for using the N-word, causing him to lose it and have a mental breakdown over it. Then he created new XBOX Live account to be even more of a troll and make people angry and send threat messages to him. He managed to troll Leopold until he ragequit and threatened to kill Ethan, then got his XBOX 360 taken away again for shouting slurs too loud later that day.

Ethan is often rude, self-centered, obnoxious, cowardly and hot headed just like Samuel, Croyt, and Stephen. He often skips classes just to go to places like 7-Eleven and sometimes smokes on school grounds. He often calls random people noobs just because he gets called the Sims brat.

Despite his negativity, he's the only rival of Leopold who can be friendly once in a while (usually by force).

Bio (exclusive to Adrenaline21's AGK Series)

Pre-AGK: Parody Show/Pre-AGK Remake

Jack Randolf, born on 17th April 1996, lived in Berlin, Germany (same as Leopold's birthplace) with his parents only. After Johnny's disappearance at the age of 3, Jack was meant to be Johnny's replacement by Leopold as he went to Dublin, Ireland to meet his uncle and lived during 12 years. So, he made Leopold as his best friend as the duo attended the same school named "Platanus School".

At the age of 11, when his "elementary school" period wasn't finished, Jack made his Google account to access YouTube to make similar viral videos to Leopold Slikk and he named himself as Angry Sims Kid aka ASK. Jack felt surprised that the viewers in his video were more than 1000x and the negative critics were few in his viral "AGK" alike videos as he ranted on his laptop when he played a game.

AGK: Parody Show/AGK Remake

After Johnny passed his exam on his junior high school period, Johnny moved back to Berlin, Germany to meet Leopold Slikk again.

Jack Randolf himself feels offended as he has been called by Johnny "blonde-haired guy" as he didn't know him and he counterattacks Johnny by saying "black-haired asshole" to Johnny. For the reference to him, Jack tells him to call the name 1st and Johnny feels sorry as Leopold agrees.

After the discussion and introduction ends,

From episode 2 onwards, Jack becomes 1 of Leopold's crew.

AGK Show

In episode 23, Jack arrives into 2014 World Berlin on 2nd March 2016 as he tries to protect Leopold from Togsy an

AGK: Finale Show

AGK: Final Mix

AGK Movie (GBL)

A confusion between Jake and him also with Eric, which the voice is same as him. He helps The Germans to ruin The Evils' plan for his goodness of bright side.

AGK: Final Mix~The Movie~

Jack joins the team since Arc 3 on comic series but the name's different and the name goes to "Valkyria Hunters", also he fights with his doppelganger again from Valkyria and evil counterpart/clones of him, Sims.

In Arc 1-3, Season 2-3, Final Mix and Final Mix~The Movie~ Bumper, his biodata can be seen as...

Name: Jack Randolf

Japanese Translation:

ジャックランドルフ (Jakku Randorufu)


  • As his 2011 World/past counterpart
    • 15-16 (Season 1-3)
  • As his present counterpart
    • 22-24 (Final Arc)

Birthdate: 17th April 1996

Blood Type: A

Alignment: Good


Any Randolf-related name


Any Randolf-related name

Height: 167 cm (175 cm on AGK: FM and FM~The Movie~)

Weight: 55 kg (64 kg on AGK: FM and FM~The Movie~)



  • According to PVMAGKVIDEOS, he has sent horrifying materials to Leopold, kidnapped his brother Leonard using a fake Lego Store & eventually kidnapped Leopold in Episode 59 of his series. Sim was about to turn Mallie into Cyber Mallie, but unfortunately, the series got cancelled.
  • In TheAGKGenerations2000's series, ASK is given a fan name of "Adam van Schoorl". His first appearance is taken in extra episode #3 when he was playing with ADK, AJK, and AGK. He then took the role as a tritagonist in the Rise of the Dark Hells series (season 3).
  • In AGKandRockman2001's AGK series, he is first seen in Episode 7 when him, Leonard, Danny & Ronny discuss about the tiger Leopold met last night. His surname "Von Kirk" was taken from Jaiden's AGK 2014 series.
  • In GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK series, he is given a fan name of "Eric R. Sims".
  • In YumaSonic2016's AGK series, he is given a fan name "Ethan Sims O'Brien".