List of Errors

Animated Series

Angry German Kid: Parody Show

  • Some of the texts can't be seen because of font's large size or the wrong position.
  • Some of the quotes have wrong end signs such as ". (Dots)".
  • On Vs Barney Trilogy, Character and Object's background aren't transparent.
  • Some of the quotes have wrong subtitles when the characters speak.
  • Episode 1-5's opening clip have fault word such as "Adrenaline 21" instead "Adrenaline21".
  • Episode 6's opening clip has fault order. Fixed in Episode 7.
  • On Episode 8's Credits, "Rain SFX" is on the text instead of "Door open and closed SFX".
  • Some of Hitler's voice clips are too small to hear.
  • Some of the pictures have been blurred to avoid fault.
  • All of Gladys' voice clips are too funny to hear because A21 uses an annoying Text to Speech App on Android.
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