Ethan James Agulair is Leopold's Enemies and the deuteragonist on the Angry German Kid parody universe, although

it has been confirmed that it is not his real name.[1] He first appeared in the real-series "", directed by Jacey Gordon Jacky Howe and then appeared in Die mörderische Jagd (the murderous chase)Die mörderische Jagd 3 (the murderous chase 3) and Die Mörderische Verfolgungsjagd (the murderous hunt).


Ethan appears in several different series, for example; KirbyMSC, Brian Chiem (very rarely), TheKewlOne96, AngryGermanKid82, TheAGKMisadventure, And Suzy sack . He makes fewer appearances in Brian Chiem's Series compared to other AGK series.


  • Ethan James is the second most recurring characters other than Leopold Slikk in most series (except certain parodies).
  • In Suzy Sack's AGK Series, Ethan as Leopold Slikk's No-Longer friend instead.[link, source or proof needed]
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