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Ex-Major Cordova is a character who probably appears in AGKWarcraftIII and AGKCansin13Reforged's AGK series [1].


Ex-Major Cordova Is A Second Henchman Parody From The Movie Palaban, He Watches TV, But Throws His Glass, And He Shoots his Own TV With His SMG


AGKWarcraftIII's AGK Series

AGKWarcraftIII Mades The First Ex-Major Cordova

Parody Within Original Version, Perhaps He Can Appear In

AGKWarcraftIII's Parody Series

AGKCansin13Reforged's AGK Series

Ex-Major Cordova Appears Starting In His Series



  1. [Insert link here]


  • Ex-Major Cordova Is A Second Henchman Parody
  • But He Throws His Glass, Then He Shoots His Own TV

What He Likes

Having San Miguel Drink

Watching Happy Tree Friends

Watching Ren And Stimpy

What He Dislikes

Getting Rickroll'd

Justin Bieber

Fred Figglehorn

Numa Numa

Getting Annoyed

Getting Pranked