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Expired Golden Idol is a YouTube channel founded by a 11-year old named Aleph (who curses in his videos). The channel/Aleph makes Animations, YTPs, and of course, AGK videos. He is the first AGK parodist to use Linux as his OS. He is a fan of South Park and Drawn Together, which is kinda weird for a kid to like.


Born on October 23rd, 2009, Aleph Diallo founded his YouTube in 2015 (back when he was CRINGE.), and his 1st video was "Angry Birds Whip Nae Nae". He later deleted the video, since it was cringe, in 2020. He found Flash Professional (now Adobe Animate) on January 2nd, 2020, and has been using it ever since. He will start making AGK videos soon. He edits in Olive, which is free and open source.


Leopold Slikk

Leopold Slikk is the main character of Angry German Kid : Funnier, Smarter, and Sausage Eggs. He is likePVMAGKVIDEOS' AGK.

Harold Slikk


Mary Slikk


Leonard Slikk


Leonidas Slikk



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  • He is the youngest AGK parodist.
  • He is known for being part of Marshmallow Studios
  • He is the founder of DNA Animation Studios


"Oh yeah!" - Leopold Slikk

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