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Not to be confused with Jacqui C's AGK Series.


- F1Mario1 C When He Sees Someone wants him to stop swearing.

F1Mario1 C was a Malaysian AGK Parodist since December 2014. He makes Lego Videos, Downfall Parodies, AGK Videos, Super GT Onboards and GoAnimate Videos. On June 2014, All of his videos was deleted, he didn't know about who's the person has delete all of his videos.

He Discovered about AGK on November 2015.

He created his first GoAnimate video on March 2015, because he thinks that he wants to use this Website.

He later cancelled his AGK Series on April 2015, because he was confused that he wants Leopold to be grounded on his series or not.

He later return to YouTube in 2 Weeks after his 2 accounts got suspended.

He Privated his GoAnimate Videos and deleted User Videos on August 2015, because he doesn't want his account getting terminated and he definetly hates GoAnimate alot. He even hates the Grounded Videos.

He joined the Taylor Team Family on September 2015, because some GoAnimate Users wants him to join to community.

He also makes some Historic Peoples and Movie Characters on GoAnimate to post it on the Taylor Team Family Community, But he quits, because he really hates GoAnimate in his life.

He has been thinking about bringing back his AGK Series when he created his 4th Account, and redo all of his AGK Videos.

His Accounts: F1Mario1 C, AussiePower98 VPHS TPNG VGCP, AGKMaker2000 Productions


  • Leopold Slikk - A German Racing Driver and Gamer, He won at NASCAR after Goebbels' Crash at the final lap. He likes Formula 1 as his favorite Motorsport.
  • Harold Slikk - Leopold's Dad, He was beaten up by Leopold after he beat Leopold's time on Formula 1: A lap in Silverstone. Later, He became a Team Radio of Leopold.
  • Leonidas Slikk - A Racing Driver, he won many races in his Career.
  • Leopold Jr. Slikk - A Team Radio of Leopold, He was killed in Water Speed Record after the Bluebird K7 lost control and backflip, but was revived. He gets mad after Leopold lost his 3rd Position in Super GT GT500 Race.


  1. Angry German Kid Watches MiniDrivers
  2. Angry German Kid Sets Land Speed Record at 403mph + Fegelein Sets Land Speed Record
  3. Angry German Kid Enters a Race
  4. Angry German Kid Plays Mario Kart Double Dash!!
  5. Angry German Kid Goes To Red Bull Air Race & NASCAR
  6. Angry German Kid Watches Happy Tree Friends
  7. Angry German Kid watches French Revolution: Battle of Valmy
  8. Angry German Kid gets a Delorean with his brothers (Scrapped)
  9. Angry German Kid joins Formula 1
  10. Angry German Kid Goes To Six Flags Over Texas
  11. Angry German Kid enters a race around the world (Video Remove)


  • He plan his own AGK Episodes without taking a request
  • The AGK Episode #8 has been scrapped
  • The AGK Episode #11: Angry German Kid enters a race around the world


  • F1Mario1 C Favorite AGK Makers are AngryGermanKid82, TheKewlOne96, AGKandvideomaker2000, Atarster, OfficerPoop247, and Videoman1443
  • He sometimes take a rest when he's bored for making AGK Videos
  • He created his GoAnimate Account in March 2015
  • F1Mario1 C's Dreamcar is: DeLorean Time Machine on Back to the Future
  • F1Mario1 C also makes Super GT Onboard when he saw there are only less Super GT Onboards on Youtube.
  • F1Mario1 C also makes Lego Videos since November 2013 (Only shown his old Facebook Account)
  • He scrapped his 8th AGK Episode because he has no idea how to move a character
  • He was a fan of Formula 1, MiniDrivers, and Nintendo
  • F1Mario1 C's 2nd Account was suspended
  • F1Mario1 C deleted one of his AGK Episode