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Fabrice Laroche is an upcoming character and the mascot of AGKandRockman2001.[link, source or proof needed] He will appear as a "missing Slikker" on Adrenaline21's AGK Series.[link, source or proof needed]


AGKandRockman2001's AGK Series

He first appears in Episode 10 where we get to see his best friends and his family.

In Episode 38, he & Traver meet some new students. Steve & Jade like him a lot.

In Episode 62, he helps Jade the Rabbit to evacuate the school building from the fire Raynare caused. Afterwards, she became his girlfriend.

In Episode 95, Raynare takes control over him and he fights against Leopold. After being reverted to normal, he falls into depression.

His violence can be explained by the fact that he is mostly into "fight-style" boxing.

Travrinity's AGK Series

Despite being based off Fabrice himself, the character goes by a different surname for certain reasons.

More info will be revealed later on...

Atarster's AGK Series

He only made a cameo appearence in "The Noah Movie: Sailor Moon Strikes".

Adrenaline21's AGK Series

"That cursed Bieber! How dare he kidnap my mother!?"

Fabrice's inner hatred after his mother has been kidnapped by Justin Bieber.[link, source or proof needed]

"I came from the deepest darkness."

Fabrice tells to Adrenaline21 about his place as Dark World Guardian.[link, source or proof needed]

Fabrice makes his debut in Episode 34 as he goes to 2014 World Italy to meet Leopold's crew.[link, source or proof needed] Besides being a member of Leopold's crew, he's the author of a report named Fabrice Report, where he writes the experiences that occur throughout the series.[link, source or proof needed]

In Episode 34, he leaves his parents to meet with Leopold's crew in Italy according to the invitation.[link, source or proof needed]

Fabrice Reports (Comic and FM)

  • Introduction
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???
  • Leopold Slikk War
  • Stadium Matches
  • 9 Destroyer Robots


Biodata bumpers on him can be seen on Arc/Season 3 only as:

  • Name: Fabrice Laroche
  • Japanese Translation: ファブリスラロシェー (Faburisu Raroshee)
  • Age: 17 (Season 3)
  • Birthdate: 25th April 2001
  • Blood Type: A
  • Alignment: Evil (Good, after Nova's defeat)
  • Parents:
    • Natalia Laroccia (mother)
    • Francis Laroche (father)
  • Siblings:
    • Rocky Laroccia (brother)
  • Height: ??? cm
  • Weight: ??? kg

GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK Series

He made his debut on Episode 28.[link, source or proof needed]

In Episode 40, Fabrice had protected Leopold against Kervin but failed because he had been shot by Kervin and turned into Madrice, the bizarre, evil and corrupted form of Fabrice.[link, source or proof needed]

In Episode 41, Fabrice fought Leopold until Hoppus arrived. When Hoppus arrived, he helped Leopold to finish Fabrice in battle but Fabrice was too strong for them. Then, Leopold talked himself in front his useless keyboard. His useless keyboard became a hologram screen that had been revealed to be Leorven, his deceased twin-brother and he told to finish him just using a massive blast.[link, source or proof needed]

By Leorven's advice, Leopold could finish him with a massive blast

In AGK vs Fabrice: The Aftermath,

In AGK: Halloween Special

In episode 62, Fabrice returns into his human form for a while and he's still in zombie form due to "AGK vs Fabrice: The Aftermath" and AGK: Halloween Special occurred.[link, source or proof needed]

In the post-credit scene, Fabrice returns into his human form permanently thanks to Gene and Tailsko's advice and Kervin's effort to save him from bad fate.[link, source or proof needed]

YumaSonic2016's AGK Series


Fabrice makes his debut in Episode 7, where he sees Leopold, Jake, Sebastian, and Alexis at the internet cafe.

He also appears in Episodes 8, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 30, and more.

Power Abilities

Fabrice's attacks consist of Superhuman Strength

  • Rockman Punch
  • Rockman Kick
  • Rockman Smash
  • Rockman Chop

What he likes

  • 5 Night's at Freddy's
  • Sonic
  • Highschool DxD
  • Adrenaline21 (his best friend, Adrenaline21's AGK Series)
  • Alisa von Dreissig (his friend from neighbor country, Adrenaline21's AGK Series)
  • Nova (as his servant, Adrenaline21's AGK Series)
  • Traver A. Vincent (Both his and Travrinity's AGK Series)

What he hates

  • William Afton/Dave Miller/Springtrap (He hates kids and like to murder, GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK Series)
  • Justin Bieber (Fabrice hates him due to he kidnapped his mother and turned her into a "Bieber-Fever" zombie)
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Leopold's Crew (He hates Leopold's crew because Nova brainwashed him and assigned to kill)



  • He is named after his father! (What an original idea to name your children.)
  • Strangely enough, if you take out some letters in his first name, you will get "Fabric" and "Rice"
  • Recently, he found a secret sentence in his first name and his surname: Va, brise la roche. It translates to: Go, break the rock.
    • This can explain why he's called "Rockman".
  • He was born on the day "The Mexican" got released in cinemas in France. (not a joke)
  • It's confirmed he will appear in Joey Slikk's "The Leon Smallwood Misadventures" series.
  • Because of Adrenaline21 create the new sprite for Fabrice Laroche, so the sprite itself will be used on GeneBernardinoLawl Series in Episode 61 onwards instead of AGKandRockman2001 drawn from Episode 57.
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