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FallenAGK or ''BoomBlox555'' Is a AGK parodist since September 2014. He can do stuff like photoshopping, video effects and making icons. FallenAGK is infamous for having a lot of controversial ideas that prove to be bizarre and offensive, but he apologized for most of the things he has done.

His Angry German Kid series has been finished as of 7/12/2020.



Season 1, Episode 1 Thumbnail.

Season 1

Number Episode Title Episode Link
1 The Beginning VIEW
2 AGK Plays Geometry Dash VIEW
3 Welcome to CliffWood VIEW
4 Escaping from CliffWood VIEW
5 Leonard VIEW
6 AGK Creates a Fanfiction VIEW
7 AGK Plays Roblox VIEW
8 AGK Breaks his Computer VIEW
9 AGK makes a School Presentation VIEW
10 AGK goes to McDonalds VIEW

Season 2

Number Episode Title Episode Link
11 AGK and his mental problems VIEW
12 AGK travels to the future VIEW
13 AGK loses his friends. VIEW
14 AGK and the Power Outage VIEW
15 AGK Has a Mental Breakdown VIEW
17 AGK Goes to a Hotel VIEW
18 The Truth VIEW
19 "Episode 19" VIEW

Season 2, Episode 11 Thumbnail.


  • He is one of a few to be the most failed AGK parodists of all, hence his current name "FallenAGK"
  • FallenAGK enjoys playing a famous game called ROBLOX, despite staff members mentioning about that game being prohibited to be contributed in this wiki
  • He formerly gets help from Travrinity on scriptwriting and ideas, to which he simply obliged to do for FallenAGK. But after witnessing FallenAGK's strange behavior, Trav decided to stop since he was also busy with education.
  • The Black Comedy used in FallenAGK's AGK series can be very offensive to people below 15+
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