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Felix Slikk (born January 22, 1999 aged 1 months) is Leopold's baby brother. He is known for wearing a green and white striped jumper with a mushroom, or a blue jumper with a fish. He is always carried by Harold and is the 12th grandkid of Martin Slikk. He is the minor-protagonist of Leopold Slikk. On Thursdays and Fridays, he just wakes up early, just to drop off his mom to work, the bakery. When he cries, Harold gives him milk. Sometimes when he cries, he doesn't even want milk. He just wants to go to the playmat. He is notable for crying sometimes. It often looks like when he cries, it sounds like Leonidas on Re: Internet People - The Angry German Kid Responds! Often, Leopold tries to hold him. Mostly, Leopold likes to take him a shower.


Felix likes to play with Leopold and sometimes try to leave him to sleep in Leopold's bed. He is sometimes seen playing with Uncle Norman and inside the tent in the Slikk Reunion. He is known as having a retaliated passion. More over, when Felix shows he is hungry, he pretend he is eating food. Sometimes he likes burgers Leopold always cooks.

Occasionally he can't talk yet, so he uses signals for every single thing he wants. He has a positive attitude and tries to hold still when Harold or Leonidas changes his diaper. He is often quiet, but when it comes to milk or food, no.

Often, when it comes to food, he is ALWAYS finicky. When he wants milk, he wants 4-6 ounces of milk. When he wants bacon burgers, he wants the mayo on the top of the bacon. When he wants hotdogs, he wants the mustard to make a slash like line on the upper half of the hotdog.

There are different types of his clothes. He is notable for wearing a orange-reddish jumper, as he is seen in sleepwear, his ordinary shirt is a green and white stripe jumper with a mushroom. Both of these designs are in common. So if you don't see him wearing some thing, it is always him.

He is a total snitch when it comes to games, e.g, On feasts and parties, when he loses musical statues, Pass the Parcel, or the Watermelon Contest, he wants a rematch of the games

Trivia and Facts

  1. Felix is seen in Leopold's room when Leopold was playing RedSun: Ice, Fire, and Water.
  2. His sleepwear is a often bit based on a shirt of a baby set from Playmobil.
  3. Felix took his first steps when he turned 1 month old.
  4. The fish rolls that Felix eats are from the seafood section from the market.
  5. He is allergic to fresh cook chicken.
  6. Felix is the only one that is left alone sleeping in Harold's bed when Leopold wakes up.
  7. He is the only baby that Harold holds when he is told to get Leopold's laundry.
  8. He is often nervous when he says hello to relatives he can't remember.
  9. Felix always wakes up late at 9:00.
  10. His favorite shirt is his sleepwear.

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