Not to be confused with another game with similar name Five Nights at Angry German Kid's by BlueNewton.

The Five Nights At The AGK Studio series is a Five Nights at Freddy's Fan game by PVMAGKVIDEOS.

1st installment


The game icon

The Animatronics

  • Leopold Slikk
  • Harold Slikk
  • Jake Randolf
  • Jaiden
  • Mallie
  • Golden Leopold

Sound effects

Title screen
  • Menu Title Screen
  • Sound you hear when hovering on an option
Before gameplay
  • Night Introduction Sound of FNATAS: Sound you hear when Night is being deployed on screen.
  • Sound you hear when Night 5 is being deployed on screen.
  • Sound you hear when Night 6 is being deployed on screen.
  • Sound you hear when You see an empty head of Leopold Slikk with the text " You can't ". Note: This is the same music as the Bad Ending and the Happiest Day from Five Nights at Freddy's 3.
Phone calls
  • Phone call you hear on Night 1
  • Phone call you hear on Night 2
  • Phone call you hear on Night 3
  • Phone call you hear on Night 4
  • Phone call you hear on Night 5
In office sounds
  • Ambience on every night.
  • When someone is at one of your doors.
  • When the power reaches: 0%.
  • When covering hallucinations.
  • When Leopold stands in front of your office declaring your doom.
  • When your laptop is giving you an alert.


  • (N1)One of the random noises you hear at random.
  • (N2)One of the random noises you hear at random.
  • (N3)One of the random noises you hear at random.
  • (N4)One of the random noises you hear at random.
  • Neither Jaiden knows what's causing this.
  • This appeared to be in the game but Jaiden never heard it..
  • Sound that you hear when watching the laptop.
  • The sound you hear breifly when selecting an option on the laptop.
  • The sound of the Center door.
  • The sound of when reaching 5 AM on Night 5, probably to let you know the robots are going to go for it now!

Camera sounds

  • Sound of the camera when clicked.
  • Sound of when clicking on a button.
  • Sound of the security cameras.

Animatronics sound. Warning! Loud!

  • Sound of every robots Jumpscare.
  • Sound of every animatronic's walk(most)


  • Sound when Jake is near the centerhall's end.
  • Sound when Jake is near the centerhall's end.
  • Sound when Jake is near the centerhall's end.


  • Sound when Jake is near the centerhall's end.


  • Sound when Jake is near the centerhall's end.
  • Sound when Jake is near the centerhall's end.


  • Sound when Jaiden moves from his start location.
  • Sound when Jaiden moves from the hall to cam08.
  • Sound when Jaiden is going through the left hallway.


  • Sound of mallie giggling.
  • Sound when Jake is near the centerhall's end.
  • Sound when Jake is near the centerhall's end.

Golden Leopold

  • Sound when Jake is near the centerhall's end.

Warning Loud!

  • Sound of Golden Leopold's Jumpscare!



Five Nights At The AGK Studio The Full Official Trailer

Five Nights At The AGK Studio The Full Official Trailer

PVMAGKVIDEOS even made Leopold react to the trailer! ;)

2nd installment

It was previously cancelled, but after he got back into AGK, it got back in development.

[FNATAS2]Sound effects

  • Menu theme of the 2nd game.
  • Bleep sound

The Animatronics

The Cameras

CAM12 - Airvent A
CAM01 - Airvent A


  • Eyeless Leopold
  • Eyeless Jake
  • Eyeless Mallie
  • Horrifying Harold
  • Eyeless Golden Leopold


  • A: Escape/SearchNOW
  • C: Are You Happy Now?
  • D: A Normal Day


3rd installment

There was no break, this was made non stop and it came out alomst a month later after the second!


Scrapped Animatronics


The plot goes around 10 years after the grand reopening of the AGK Studio, it seems that the company moved back to the first location where YOU as Raven the Nightgaurd worked. You now notice by now Nature has took over the facility with moss and grassy floors everwhere. You are greeded by the new Phone instructor that will help you through your job. However he refuses to talk to you on night 4 and let you hear some training tapes from the 90's. Location of The AGK Studio. Jerry, talks about the springlocks suits they provided for the AGK Funalnd attraction, a part of the studio for kids and grownups where they can be entertained.

The Crush of 98
During the same time you as the player get to see hidden minigames you see after each nightsift, providing with playing the Robots from the 90's getting torn and crushed by Mallie. At this point Mallie seemed to be physically destorted providing to kill everything she encounters. She even get's almost naked in every single one of them.
PhoneCall's providing the crush
The Crush Of 98' gets mentioned once again by Jerry, this time he tells about all situations and capacity that is going on.
Phone Call 5 ( Provided on the event )
“The news reports, that the big amount of crushing capacity over two hours ago has crushed almost all our equipment and props down. There's a lot of blood and metal parts around on the floor! Also be in case of any emergency, it is possible its caused by a girl, that walks really ominous towards you, well, as in the pose try to not make much noise at any costs. if she´ll find you your life might be done,. well I suppose your only solution is to hunt that girl down. Jeremy Doggers, was capable of taking any footage. but how long it was lasted was, until she smacked the employee with an axe on the floor, she seems to be hallucinating weird things, she might be stuck in a nightmare! well, uh... try to not fail your shift goodbye!”
Phone Call 6 ( Provided on the event )
“well it has been past a few days since the horrible event. I would confess the crush was so heavy. it's not gonna be a good place to hide now! this whole attraction is torn apart! two kids are killed... We are missing 3 more employees now! they're all dead! this shift is done, this whole career.. its gotta stop soon! We still have a spare Leopold head in the back ..Umm, a yellow one! But something is missing right now.. And now something is not even acting good right now! You might have a good chance to leave this place. All robots are dead... And we'll have to repair them! We might put a database of her identity, and if we will find that girl, they will torn her apart.. And kill her.. Well i suppose you wouldn't think of investigating, if she is still around. ”
Jerry The Phone guy in the 90's


4th installment

The 4th game was going to come out on December 24th but it was cancled because Jaiden wanted a break from making games.



Images from the Trailer!

The welcome poster

It seems that the poster features 3 languages!

This is seen after the camera hovering in the dining area to go to a open door, to stop on this poster for a brief second.
The drawings

Nice try Jaiden!

There are 4 different drawings, 3 of them features that is maybe Jena, Strangely there's this wierd yellow looking guy upside down for some reason.. It looks like someone we have never met before, and he looks quite, fat....
The office

This looks ugly...

The office apears to be, really....Old and rusty.... The FAN is on your desk, there apears to be one button that probably switches to the camera, ( If there is one )

Another speculation could be the look behind thing.

Behind your office

Why is there an Error if someone goes to it?

There's no clarity what's behind you, it seems to be glowing, or it's just bad reflection...
Office4 1

Not scary...


The Chronicles Of The AGK Studio

Icon chronicle-k2vpuwbj

The game icon

The Chronicles Of The AGK Studio is the 2nd to last game in the FNATAS Series, made by PVMAGKVIDEOS.

More coming soon...

Five Nights at The AGK Studio 6: The Lockdown

Five Nights at The AGK Studio 6 or FNATAS 6 The Lockdown, is the final installment estimated by the creator. The game consists of 3 parts based on the full installment and will also reveal every missing element on the plot.

The first game took in an unknown establishment. The main character Raven Anderson was locked by the staff members who used to be around the studio. They simply told him you're in charge now, Good luck.

You have to control the facility now by yourself. Inorder to keep out the new animatronics sent from Japan.

There was either an finance reason on why they bother to pick Japan for repairment.

However, Golden Leopold who is probably Jaiden, doesn't like the idea and it could very well be, that he is the ''figure character'' of the developer as he speaks in code and computer words. Like development, programmer or programmed.

Since the engine PVMAGKVIDEOS uses to make the game, only support about 2 gigs of RAM build in.

Part 2 will feature a variety of the first part and from fnatas 1 2 and 3.

You are in control once again, however this time the establishment seems to be upgraded.

You have to figure out who is the mastermind behind all of this because you know, you're not alone.

Someone else is tampering within the establishment.

Every completed night will feature a short cutscene from the story or the lore in part 1,2

The location also seems to have an underground section aswell as an upper section.

The veteran animatronics are probably a refference from we are the veterans known as in the first game.


If you suceed succesfully you may be awarded with some special cosmetics or unlockables for the next part.

Part 3 will feature the final conclusion of it all.

It's a more recent version of part 2 and the elements will be the same, however, this time. The mechanics are slightly changed and damaged. This time it's your choice who your final faith will be, either living commands for a programmer, or putting your career down once and for all.

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