Not to be confused with another game with similar name Five Nights At The AGK Studio by PVMAGKVIDEOS.

The Five Nights at Angry German Kid's series is a Five Nights at Freddy's Fan game by BlueNewton.

1st installment


  • Leopold Slikk
  • Harold Slikk
  • Leonard Slikk
  • Leonidas Slikk


The gameplay is the same as FNAF's, with the only difference being the animatronics being replaced with AGK characters.

2nd installment


  • Toy Leopold
  • Jake Randolf
  • Emily Mason
  • Pinga
  • Pingu
  • Leopold
  • Leonidas
  • Leonard
  • Harold


It's the same like FNAAGK replaced with the characters on the game plus it's for everyone to play his game though the public.

3rd installment

Five Nights at Angry German Kid's 3 is the Third game to the prequel of FNAAGK and FNAAGK 2 made by BlueNewton and he made the official trailer of FNAAGK 3 for YouTubeWare, PVMAGKVIDEOS, and LeopoldXTailsko10120.

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  • Springpold
  • Phantom Leopold
  • Phantom Leonard
  • Phantom Leonidas
  • Phantom Jaiden
  • Phantom Mallie
  • Phantom Dark Leopold

Gameplay and New features

It's like the same as FNAAGK and FNAAGK 2 but it's very different to FNAAGK 3 and FNAAGK 3 has new features:

  • The box with FNAF 2 Characters will be in there.
  • FNAF posters will be different.
  • Sound effects will be different.
  • Springpold has two jumpscares.
  • Phantom Animatronics will be different in their burned designs.
  • Phantom Jaiden has a new burned design.
  • Phantom Leonidas is Phantom Foxy (There is no Phantom Harold in this game).
  • Twitching will be returning for the cams.
  • No minigames.
  • Dark Leopold is in FNAAGK 3 and his sprite belongs to YouTubeWare.
  • Freddy's Nose will has a new sound affect soon Canceled.

More information is coming soon

Bugs and Glitches

  1. Phantom Leopold in night 3 has a bug after He walks to the room but he is still at left.
  2. Springpold's face is a bit up to his face.
  3. Twithing is a new feature that twitches a lot.
  4. After you reach to 6AM SpringPold kills you when you go to the next night and you still continue the next night.
  5. After you die by Springpold, the full static sound stops at 1 second.
  6. The system restart system had a bug when you pressed the exited button with the reboot all, the reboot all will still go without the system restart menu.

4th installment

This the final installment for his FNAAGK series.On August 10, 2015, BlueNewton was working on "Fun with Plushpold". He will make the nights soon.

He finished "Fun with Plushpold" in August 11, 2015:


  • Leopold Slikk (Freddy)
  • Harold Slikk (Foxy)
  • Leonard Slikk (?)
  • Leonidas Slikk (Bonnie)
  • Fabrice Laroche (Fredbear)
  • Dark Fabrice (Nightmare)
  • Plushpold (Plushtrap)
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