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FoxyGamer is an American and German AGK parodist since May 2015. He used to make AGK parodies out of windows movie maker in 2015. He eventually started using sony vegas, still in 2015. He sometimes also uses Camtasia studio for editing and recording videos. Also uses fraps for videos.


  • Leopold Slikk
  • Leonard Slikk
  • Leonidas Slikk
  • Isabella Garcia (Fanmade name of Leopold's Girlfriend)
  • Harold Slikk
  • Mary Slikk (Coming soon)
  • FoxyGamer (Sometimes talked about)
  • Angry Sims Kid
  • Angry Catalan Kid (Might be coming soon)


Note: Upcoming episodes are in italic. Episodes in progress are in bold.
  1. AGK Tries to sneak onto his PC
  2. AGK Gets locked in his room
  3. Leonard and Leopold fight over the Internet.
  4. AGK Watches Mr Trollinator's videos
  5. AGK plays Team Fortress 2
  6. (AGK Reacts) AGK Reacts to The Angry German Kid Community
  7. (AGK Reacts) AGK Reacts to Psycho Dad
  8. (Really #6 Episode If Reacts aren't included) AGK Watches parodies of his dad.
  9. AGK's Girlfriend PT 1 - 3
  10. AGK plays Agar
  11. AGK's Girlfriend PT 2 - 3
  12. AGK successfully cuts school
  13. AGK's Girlfriend PT 3 - 3
  14. AGK Goes to hell
  15. AGK skips an essay
  16. AGK Goes to heaven
  17. AGK hacks his School's computers
  18. AGK escapes his house
  19. AGK and the prank emails
  20. AGK Episode 4 Remake AGK Watches Mr trollinators videos
  21. AGK Creates a club


  1. AGK Plays AGAR.IO (Again)


  • AGK Makers
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  • UTTPs
  • AGK haters that spam videos
  • CrazyRowdydawg


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