In this list, there are the generations of AGK Parodies that remarks all the improvements that happened in the Angry German Kid internet meme.

The generations

First generation (2004-2007)

  • The original clip is uploaded between 2004~2006 (See this blog for more details)
  • The actually first AGK parody to be released in late 2006.

Second generation (2008-2012)

  • SicksTeaPhoar invented and started the first episodic AGK series in late 2007, and this type of series started to become widespread/popular.
  • Animated parodies start to appear (especially in Jeeves476's AGK Series)
  • Many of the current parodists started their accounts during this era, but didn't necessarily start to make parodies.
  • AGK82 joined in late 2009, fell in dormancy in October 2011, returned in April 2012, and retired in early 2013.
  • TheKewlOne96 joined in July 2011, fell in dormancy in August 2012, returned in August 2014, and retired later that month.
  • Windows 8 released. Sony Vegas overtook Windows Movie Maker's popularity at making AGK Parodies.

Third generation (2013-2017)

  • HD and Widescreen parodies become a standard that started to get popular.
  • Modern animated parodies are on the rise. e.g. Tank202100, PVM, the one who made AGK vs Sonic.exe
  • Usage of HD/WS and animated parodies, started to increase.
  • Major change to the AGK community. (old users leave, new users come)
  • Atarster/Cansin13-Styled (or the Modern AGK styled) Series started to appear.
  • PVMAGKVIDEOS closed his channel in February 2015 and re-creates his channel on March 2015.

Fourth generation (2017-present)

  • New standard, different storyline and styles.
  • Wiki activities plummet.
  • Some cliché ideas started to decline.
  • Minor change to the AGK community (some of the old users come back to AGK)
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