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Gerald Slikk at work.

Gerald Slikk (born March 25, 1971, known as Gary by Emily in episode 54) is the son of Michaela Slikk and Martin Slikk, brother of Harold Slikk, husband of Emily Slikk, father of Eduard Slikk and Stefan Slikk, and the uncle of Aerial, Leopold and Leonard. He is often angry with a printer at work. He appeared in Margaretka4356's AGK series in episodes 7, 16, 23 and 35, 50, 55 and 69. Like Harold, he hates RickRolls and his boss.

WedgePee's Series

Gerald Hrdlička (born November 27, 1973) is the son of Carla and Aleš Hrdlička, brother of Anita, husband of Emily (Xenia) Slikk, brother-in-law of Harold Slikk, father of Eduard and Stefan Slikk, and uncle of Leopold and his 9 siblings. He is a member of the crimefighting organization S.N.A.G.E.M., whose job is to end the dangerous rival gangs, the Ciphers and the Justys. This is because one of the Ciphers' members, the notorious serial killer Greevil Alkaev/Rudolf Danielsen, brutally murdered his sister in 1987.

CrashFan96's AGK Series

Gerald Slikk (born in November 22, 1963) is the uncle of Leopold, Leonard, and Leonidas Slikk, and the older brother of Harold Slikk. In Episode 23: AGK's Uncle, Gerald came over for a few days, while Leopold and his brothers were watching some funny videos in Leopold's Room. Before dinner time, Leonard came up with an idea to get rid of their uncle; they donned masks that resembled Noah, Dante, and Ratchet. During dinner, Harold and Gerald did not realize that Leopold and his brothers were still in the house, and were locked outside. The next morning, Leopold and his brothers sent some troll e-mails to Harold and Gerald at work and vice versa. This culminated in the two men storming out of their office in a blind rage. After Harold and Gerald returned home, they went to confront Leopold and his brothers. In Episode 24: AGK VS His Uncle, Leopold challenged and defeated Gerald. After the fight, Gerald was arrested for attempted child abuse against Leopold and his brothers. Initially, CrashFan96 intended to have these two episodes to be Gerald's only appearance. However, after retconning the events of episodes 126 and 127, Gerald made his return. In the new Episode 126: The Return of AGK's Uncle and Great-Grandfather, Gerald was allowed to leave on parole. He decided to visit his brother, who told him that he had sold all of his My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic merchandise and other girl's show DVDs and used the money to by more mature movies. The two brothers decided to watch Watchmen first. Meanwhile, Leopold, Leonard, and Leonidas enacted a plan to trick Gerald into violating his parole by tricking him into challenging Leopold to another fight. First, Leonidas spiked the two men's popcorn with hot sauce. Then, Leonard locked them out of the house once again. Finally, Leopold placed a beehive on the popcorn bowl, with the bees chasing Harold and Gerald back out of the house. However, after losing the bees, Harold and Gerald furiously confronted the triplets on their antics. Just before Leopold would have to fight his father and uncle once again, however, the newly resurrected Hermann Slikk entered and attacked the quintet. Soon, Gerald's father, Barry, arrived and attempted to help, but to no avail; Hermann then proceeded to kidnap the triplets, taking them to the exact same building he was thrown from. With no other option, Gerald put his anger towards his nephews aside and he, his brother, and father, went off to confront his grandfather. After reaching the top floor, Gerald and his brother began fighting Hermann, while Barry freed Leopold, Leonard, and Leonidas. Once the trio were freed, the reformed sextet fiercely fought the eldest Slikk, but lost the upper hand. However, just before Hermann could finish off the triplets, he suffered a heart attack, causing him to stumble backwards, giving Gerald the opportunity to throw a hammer at his grandfather, causing him to fall to his death once again. The triplets reconciled with their uncle, and the sextet returned home to watch Watchmen together.

Gerald Slikk as he appears from CrashFan96's AGK Series.

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Shiyamasaleem's AGK series

In Shiyamasaleem's series, Leopold's uncle was named Terrance Slikk.

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