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GoAnimate (currently Vyond) was an internet-based animated video maker meant for business use that was founded by Alvin Hung in 2007. A version for schools was launched in 2011 and later discontinued in 2019.


It was known for some copied animation styles (for example, Comedy World is a GA theme that rips off Family Guy and American Dad), grounded videos, dead meat videos, character errors, rants, bad user alerts, and most importantly, GoFags (GoAnimate fanboys/fangirls) and the GoAnimate community. GoAnimate also had an immature toxic hatedom on preschool characters/shows (most notably Caillou), with some people from the toxic preschool show hatedom on this wiki (They will disrespect opinions if you try to correct them, make false comparisons of a fictional character to Hitler or any evil figure). Sometimes, GoF#gs make grounded videos out of "bad users" (which are actually composed of mostly innocent users and anti-GA users), each other, and even themselves. Because of these actions, most GoFags were racist (most notably, against Mexicans) and misogynistic and against the young, elders, and disabled and have other offensive prejudices. Most of the videos created using GA are usually the same repetitive junk that consists of the tropes above.

The end of GoFags and the GoAnimate Community?

In 2015, GoAnimate changed the look of the site, removed several TTS voices and languages, and eliminated flash themes (includes Comedy World) on a transition from Flash to HTML5. The site also replaced free plans with free trial plans that lasts 14 days. This was a major setback and a turning point to the GA community. These actions angered GoFags so much that they decided to make torture, grounded, punishment day, sequel, dead meat, and other offensive videos against Alvin Hung. They also moved to other sites like Plotagon and Scratch to continue making grounded videos. Some even hacked the GA website to bring back older themes. Soon, many GoFags were gone, thanks to the strict rules on both YouTube and Scratch along with anti-GA users. Some were terminated or eliminated, while others left because they were tired of GA or anti-GA users told them to leave. This would hurt the GA community even more, and it was on the process of falling. In 2018, GoAnimate was renamed to Vyond, and retires the legacy video maker (that runs on Flash) in 2019, eliminating the old Flash themes due to Flash ending support and being discontinued in 2020. There were a handful of remaining GoFags left at the time. As a result, they should not bring back old GA themes, even through hacking. More GoFags were eliminated or retired afterwards. This could be the final nail on the coffin to the GA community, for now.

Later times

Since early 2020, there are a few new GA videos uploaded, and they reportedly use old themes. By now, old themes should be gone for good, and GoF#gs should not have brought them back, even by hacking. How did they manage to use old GA themes as late as 2020?

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