Grounding is a common punishment for children (especially older children aged 7 and up for any misbehavior). In some cases, it is suggested as an alternative to corporal punishment or spanking in the home. Typically a child, teenager, or an adult who is grounded is not allowed to leave their bedroom and/or their home with the exception of any required activities such as education (in school unless if a child gets an out of school suspension or expulsion), chores (such as mowing the lawn, in-house chores such as washing the dishes, doing laundry, etc.), meals, church, doctor appointments, employment, therapy, funerals, and other activities.

In parodies

Leopold is often grounded harshly because of misbehaving at school, failing tests/exams, assaulting his younger brother Leonard, insulting his parents, or when he does evil magic to anyone's favorite characters. During the grounding period, Leopold is not allowed to use his computer, watch television, play video games, or have sausage eggs. His groundings are mostly followed with beatings by his father, Harold Slikk.

His grounding period is usually overlapped by another grounding period because of misbehaving during said-grounding period. In AGK82's series, he was once grounded for 5 months for blowing up his old school. At that time, he was grounded for getting expelled from that school.

Sometimes, Leopold can be grounded for something he didn't do on purpose, such as trying to defend himself, failing to cook something for himself, doing something wrong by accident, or being blamed for something he didn't do. In some classic AGK series, he can get grounded (for being suspended or expelled) for the dumbest reasons, such as being trapped in an (old) bathroom, blaming someone for doing something wrong, being locked inside a locker or closet, or standing up to a bully.

In wiki

In this wiki, blocked users are regarded as "grounded". Users who are blocked indefinitely are regarded as "Fegel-grounded".

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