Gum the Yoshi is one PrinceStickFigure's characters in his AGK series. She is a very friendly pink Yoshi who is the adopted sister of Andy Jackson and is mainly friends with Jade the Rabbit and Ruby the Dragon, but she is also friends with Steve the Cat and Cassie the Fox. She is currently voiced by Speakonia voice Microsoft Mary. Fun fact, she is based off the pink Yoshi made by Eggbomber101. However, this is a spin-off variant of her by PrinceStickFigure.


Gum was still inside her egg when suddenly, a huge raid by Bowser and his koopa henchmen occurred. Her egg went into a pond and she floated away. One summer day, her egg landed in a beach where a 2 year old Andy Jackson and his parents Julie and Henry Jackson were hanging out. Andy was the first to spot the egg, so they brought it home with them. The egg hatched out and Gum was born. She enjoyed playing with Andy and doing a lot of cute stuff in front of Julie and Henry. She immediately accepted into the family. She was bullied quite a lot at school and was lonely, until she met Cassie the Fox in the fourth grade, who helped her stand up against the bullies once and for all. The two beat up one of the bullies, while the others ran away. Albeit, with both of them getting detention. When she went to middle school, she was disappointed the Cassie didn't come along, but thankfully, she met Jade the Rabbit and Ruby the Dragon and she became friends with them almost immediately. She then went to high school with Ruby, where she was able to see Cassie once again and started dating Brisk the Yoshi at the school. However, in the tenth grade, her next big enemy, Leopold Slikk, came in as a ninth grader with Jake Randolf and Ronald Ramirez. She was very worried about them being the next big bullies in years. But she seemed to like Jake a bit, but she hated Leopold because he always misbehaved in her class and he even smashed a few keyboards on her. Cassie graduated from the school, which left her alone again. Until one day, her old friend Jade was transferred to the school and she was happy again. She later started liking Leopold after Jade and Ruby started seeing him less as an enemy, and she also became friends with Jade's boyfriend, Steve the Cat. She likes to cook food, use her computer and simply relax. She is living happy, despite everything she had to go through in the past. She lives with her foster mom Julie Jackson, her foster dad Henry Jackson, and her foster brother Andy Jackson.


She first appeared in a small role in episode 3 of PSF's rebooted series, where she was seen taking a shower Jade, until Leopold and Stephen past them as they were chasing each other.

She also makes cameo appearances in episodes 4, 6, and 8

She appears again in a small role in episode 11, as she comes with her boyfriend Brisk, who gives Leopold a healing potion. She then has a small talk with Leopold about Sim and she gives Leopold a kiss and runs off, which is actually played as a reference to Seth Rogen's Animated movie Sausage Party.


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