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Main Title of the SkilesTV version of the series.

Harold For Hire is an AGK spin-off series originally created by SkilesTV (AGK82). This series is about Harold Slikk (Leopold's Dad) who works in other jobs and then he got fired in every episode because of his aggressive behavior and forcing customers to buy what they never want.

Sometime after SkilesTV retired, AGKandvideomaker2000 had the series rebooted for his own channel and revived the concept. His version is still active to this day.

Main Title of the Agkandvideomaker2000 version of the series.


AngryGermanKid82's series

  1. McDonald's
  2. GameStop

AGKandvideomaker2000's series

  1. 7-eleven
  2. Domino's Pizza
  3. Movie theater
  4. Best Buy
  5. Walmart
  6. Windows Tech Support
  7. Dairy Queen
  8. DVD rental store
  9. Butcher Shop
  10. Game Junkie
  11. Sbarro

Trivia/Comparisons between SkilesTV and Agkandvideomaker2000

  • SkilesTV self-classified his series as TV-MA(LV), and its rating is to be displayed alongside the title card on ALL episodes. AGKandvideomaker2000 didn't give his version a rating.
  • The theme of the SkilesTV version of the series is the Main Menu theme from Super Mario Bros. 2. Agkandvideomaker2000 used a different theme for his series, possibly to avoid any problems with Nintendo.
  • Harold did work in a fast food restaurant in both series. In SkilesTV's version, It was McDonald's, but In AGKandvideomaker2000's version, It was Dairy Queen.
  • In both series, Harold laughed at a man for buying something for their child. In SkilesTV's version, it was a Dora the Explorer DVD. In AGKandvideomaker2000's version, it was a regular plush toy.
  • In both series, Leopold appears and gets his father fired. In SkilesTV's version, It was because Harold wouldn't let him buy Borderlands 2. In AGKandvideomaker2000's version, It was because Harold has beaten him up.
  • In both series, Adolf Hitler appeared and gets Harold fired. In SkilesTV's version, he got Harold fired from Mcdonalds because Harold slapped him and ruined his mustache. In AGKandvideomaker2000's version, he got Harold fired from Domino's Pizza because Harold beat him up.
  • Harold did work in a video game store. In SkilesTV version, it was Gamestop, but in AGKandvideomaker2000's version, it was Game Junkie.