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Harold Slikk (born on December 11th 1961) is Leopold's extremely abusive angry father and the enemy of Adolf Hitler on the Angry German Kid parody universe & Downfall parody universe. He's a hardworking father (in certain series, he isn't) and the main antagonist.

At his workplace, Harold normally beats the monitor and uses his keyboard to smash the computer monitor off the table. Sometimes he uses the sledgehammer to smash his computer onto the floor. Sometimes he throws his laptop against the wall because his laptop encountered the blue screen, and even in a couple of episodes, Harold threw his PC monitor into a scanning machine and kicked it violently as it continuously crashed.


He gets a lot of trouble at work because of him getting into the big fights, attacking other workers, shouting out endless adult content and profanity, downloading and watching inappropriate/sexual content on his computer, being rude to customers, playing games and watching videos instead of doing work, and smashing computers all the time. Often, after work, i.e midnight work, he sometimes goes to the Laundr-O-Mat to wash his clothes and his pants.

In most parody series, he beats up Leopold for getting into very big trouble, e.g. when he gets suspended or expelled from school; when he gets an "F" grade on his report card; and when he fails at doing essays, maths, gymnastics and social studies. Usually, Leopold gets sent to the principal's office because he has either been playing video games or watching videos from YouTube instead of doing his work. Leopold also beats up his little brother when he fails a test at home, much to Harold's anger.

In the AGK universe, AGK is a hikikomori and he loves to play on his XBOX on Wednesdays, and AGK hosts a after school meeting with his friends. It always goes raucous when it comes to not appeasing Leopold. On the second thought, when Harold does not want to give Leopold what he wants, he will scream and throw his keyboard at a wall, and it will be cheap to replace the wall holes. Harold has to think that in order for Leopold to be quiet, he needs to give him what he wants, causing him to appease.

On the other hand, Leopold is a sore loser, and in anyway gets angry in a board game. Occasionally, Leopold did not even want to be playing some random board game, he insists that he needs to get a win in order to play in a game again (He was really in that for some reason). Here is how it goes: If Harold tells him he does not want to play that way and not let him win, Leopold abandons him and Leopold goes to his room, never to be seen playing that game again. So it seems like he has to let him win for some reason.

He likes to play games and watch videos from YouTube all of the time instead of doing his work, just like Leopold. Once, he beat up everyone at his workplace who had been constantly trolling Harold at the time. His boss fired him countless times at work either because of what Leopold had been doing in making a complete mockery of Harold or that his work computer had malfunctioned. Harold usually has to contend with his abusive son Leopold, thus resulting in Harold having a short temper and lack of patience for Leopold. He is sometimes seen holding Felix Slikk.


A man is typing on a keyboard in his office cubicle and slaps the screen when he gets angry. Shortly afterward, another man looks over his cubicle and disappears. The man then punches his keyboard, and hits the screen with it, knocking it off the desk. He walks out of the cubicle, and the video ends.

Use in Parodies

This video is almost universally used as the main source for Harold Slikk, as well as the father of Jake Randolf and sometimes Ronald Ramirez, Barry Slikk, Randy Randolf and Diego Ramirez, respectively. This footage is often dubbed over with TTS Voices (to voice employees and Randy Randolf/Diego Ramirez) and audio from PC Games (Angry German Kid) that has had its pitch lowered.


  • Leopold, Leonard Slikk and Leonidas Slikk - Harold's sons in most of the AGK Series.
  • Leorich Slikk - In UsefulAGKHelper's and other certain series.
  • Barry Slikk - Harold's father in TheKewlOne96's AGK Series. Harold got beaten up by him when he (Harold) was Leopold's age.
  • Martin Slikk - Harold's father in Margaretka4356's AGK series.
  • Mary Slikk - Harold's wife in most of the AGK Series.
  • Ako Slikk - his wife in Illuminati 91021's ECHGG series
  • Aerial, Leopoldian, Leonidas Slikk, and Leopold Jr. Slikk - Harold's sons in some AGK Series.

Leondra Slikk - Harold's daughter in some AGK Series.

What Harold Likes and Hates

What Harold Likes

  • Beating up everyone, especially himself (son Leopold) because, at school, he's very good or bad at doing tests, math, and gym. He also beats up his friends too.
  • Giving Leopold hot sauce
  • Sneaking into Leopold's room and eats his Doritos
  • Spending his time playing Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 2 video games and watches movies and videos at work.
  • Eating his lunch at work.
  • Playing CERO-Z games
  • Appeasing Leopold (because Leopold is a constant game addict then and his ears would ring)
  • Beating up his boss when he gets fired at work.
  • Leopold and his music (sometimes)
  • Watching children's shows like 'Barbie", "Puppy In My Pocket", "Power Rangers", "Power Rangers S.P.D".
  • Girly stuff (Disney Princesses, Barbie, etc.)
  • Trying to block Leopold from his XBOX account (though he has to recreate his account)
  • Watching kids movies like "Tangled", "Brave", "Bee Movie", "Rio", "How To Train Your Dragon", and "Frozen".
  • Calling anyone including his son, swear words, racial slurs, or stereotypes.
  • Trolling anyone including his son.
  • Tries to destroy his workplace.
  • Likes AGK Parodies of his son.
  • Watching Tiny Toon Adventures, like Sailor Moon
  • To mock Principal Diknoz for being gay.
  • To smack or slap Leopold and everyone's faces with a slipper.
  • Watching shows like "The Loud House","Jewelpet", "Harvey Beaks", "Care Bears adventures in Care-A-lot", and "That's so Raven"
  • Watch me whip
  • Parappa The Rapper Anime (Dipsy57_YT's AGK Series)
  • Goanimate (Dipsy57_YT's AGK Series)
  • Having sex with Lucy and Noobpikachu (Dipsy57_YT's AGK Series)
  • Gets arrested by Robocop and the policemen
  • Commiting suicide

What Harold Dislikes

  • Justin Bieber
  • Seeing himself on the internet.(just like his son, Leopold)
  • Leopold (most of the time)
  • Being busted.
  • Being called fat.
  • Troy Sivan
  • Traffic jams, which makes Harold go crazy, nuts & angry.
  • Being Rickrolled (same as his son Leopold)
  • Being Avrilrolled.
  • Being in Waited.
  • M-rated (violent) games like Call of Duty Black Ops 2, Dead Rising 3, Grand Theft Auto V, Call of Duty Ghosts, Dead Space 3 and Far Cry 3, etc.
  • CERO-C rated games like RedSun, Kung Fu Sensei, Escape from Wolfenstein (he has to buy it for Leopold)
  • Jack Frost and Elsa Fans
  • Patchy The Pirate
  • Telling him "its just a game" when Leopold loses at something important (because Leopold is a constant sore loser and consider them a rule breaker)
  • Baby shows
  • .exe characters
  • Leopold making bad things.
  • Leopold and Leorich's Favorite Music
  • Leonard ignoring him sometimes
  • Leonard (sometimes)
  • Getting fired
  • Leopold getting revenge on him for being the winner of a game instead of him
  • ALVINNN!!! and the chipmunks
  • Screamers
  • Scary Maze Game
  • Some Other Movies (E.g. "Alien", "Sausage Party", "WALL-E", "Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith" and "Mr. Peabody and Sherman")
  • Fabrice Laroche (sometimes in Dipsy57_YT's AGK Series)
  • Icepenguins101 (sometimes in Dipsy57_YT's AGK Series)
  • BabyDollie (sometimes in Dipsy57_YT's AGK Series)
  • Peppa Pig characters such as Miss Rabbit (Dipsy57_YT's AGK Series)
  • Gangnam Style
  • MGM Lion


AngryGermanKid82's AGK Series

In episode 44, Harold catches Leopold watching the Angry Video Game Nerd, beats him up, and bans him from watching it. In episode 45, Leopold plans his revenge by posting videos of his dad getting angry on YouTube. When Harold sees the video, he gets angry, rushes home, and beats up Leopold. Luckily, Leopold called the police on him, and the police arrested Harold for child abuse and took him away. In episode 50, Harold breaks out of jail and gets into a fight with Leopold. Leopold wins the fight, and Harold has to make him sausage eggs, which tasted bad.

In episode 45, Harold was so very angry when he came home from work because Leopold uploaded a video of him in YouTube liked he's watching porns, movies, videos, TV shows, and playing video games.

In episode 50, Harold attempted to get revenge on Leopold after he got Harold arrested by the police and claiming that Harry had been abusing Leopold, when Harold was released, Harry and his son engaged in combat which of course Leopold was supposedly victorious, but at the end, Harold tricked Leopold with sausage eggs and he then had the last word.

Appearance Location HP Battler
Episode 50 Leopold's home 200 Leopold

In episode 68, Leopold pretends to be sick, and while a brief encounter with Leopold on Xbox Live, Harold does not want Leopold to tell his boss, because he wasn't doing his work and didn't want to get fired from his work again, but because of Leopold yet again winding his father up, he was caught and suspended for at least a month.

In episode 71 to 73, he left Leopold to babysit his brothers (Leonard and Leonidas) while Harold and Mary went to Red Lobster and a hotel to stay for 2 nights.

Harold Slikk's favorite show is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

TheKewlOne96's AGK Series

Harold once had Bieber Fever (episode 8), and his workmate was John Edwards. The episode is no longer available to watch, as it got flagged.

SBPTS's AGK Series

In his series, Harold is a huge Pony fanatic, and is very caring for Leonard. He seems to be very abusive to everyone else though, especially Leopold.

Pokebob1's AGK Series

In Pokebob1's AGK series, Harold is a tomgirl and a brony. He likes to play with Barbie dolls and loves the Twilight Saga. Because of this, a homosexual worker who works with Harold, who goes by the name of Carlos Poopypants, set his eyes on Harold. He always stalks him at work and wants Harold to dump his wife and marry him. Despite being a Tomgirl, Harold has an interest in women and girls. An example of this was when he was caught watching porn at work in "Angry German Kid's Dad Gets Caught Watching Porn At Work." Harold also makes a cameo in Pokebob1's other series "The Untold Stories of Paper Mario" episodes 21 and 22.

Margaretka4356's AGK Series

In his series, Harold hates Flaky and Jerry from Leopold's class. In this series, he is known as "Worst Cook in Germany", because Harold can't cook, and everything overcooks. He was NEVER voiced by someone else, only by "AGK’s dad" voice. His date of birth in this series is April 17, 1969. In episode 4 of Harold Slikk series, he was fired from Drummond offices. In episode 116, he was Leopold's teacher, but, after Leopold's lie got fired. (He said he had sex with Jirina Dummkopf during the Maths lesson at Grade 8.) In episode 131, it has been releaved he works again, now in KFC and his boss is Jon Arbuckle.

Angela Mark's AGK Series

In his series, Harold is named Julius Slikk and he has got a girlfriend: Amy Andrews, a maid, who works in their house.

DimitarTNT's AGK Series

In Episode 14 Harold will have enough of Leopold's behaviour and will try to ground his son with no computer and no sausage eggs for the rest of AGK's life, AGK will fight back, call the police for child abuse and have Harold sent to prison.

TheDrapocalypse's AGK Series

In his series, Harold is named Leonard and doesn't beat Leopold up all the time. He is a brony just like in AGK82 series and he yells all the time though.

He had sex at a hotel with Mary Slikk and they got kicked out of there after Harold got over excited and yelled loudly.

He got hired and fired at 2 jobs: McDonald's and GameStop. (Harold For Hire series)

WedgePee's AGK Series

In his series, Harold is the CEO of an ICT Company, and has 10 children with his wife, Mary Slikk. His workmate is Brian Randolf, who is also his 12th cousin by a 16th/17th-century soldier, Tom Randolph. Furthermore, he has a grandson, Ian, by Harold's eldest child, Jasmine Slikk. (The father is Michael Montagu, older brother of Tracy's best friend, Jovi.)

Nein Cat's AGK Series

Harold has Leaders Of Storm Zolom (found in Episode 5). And he is one enemy only in this series. Harold just has Riesbyfe Stridberg main enemy in Nein Cat's AGK Series.

In MUGEN Episode 30 he battles with Alexander Romanov (Sion TATARI "V.Sion"). Also, nobody knows who wins. He plays as Kishima Kouma.

But in M.U.G.E.N game he just actor as "Kishima Kouma"

He does like Leopold and Sion but he just being fired in Sion office's he start revenge by creating the Death Battle and make possible battle when somebody make angry rival are being defeated you later.

Appearance Location HP Battler
Episode 30 Random 1140 V.Sion (Romanov)


In his series, Harold Slikk beats Leopold Slikk up a lot. He has Leonidas Slikk as the first person to be born in the family and is the oldest. Leopold Slikk was next to be born and Leonard (In Mammals18's AGK Series) to be the older. and Leonard Slikk to be the youngest. Harold Slikk has a wife named Xena Indermon who only makes an appearance in xx4REXDARKHUNTER4xx's Series. Harold Slikk does share some qualities with some of other Harold Slikks in Other People's AGK series. Leopold Slikk does fear of his father a lot of the times.

NajibTheChamp's AGK Series

In his series, Harold is shown to be less aggressive and trying to control his anger issues.

RCT3Crashes100's AGK Series

In this series, Harold and his wife, Anne Slikk, punish Leopold after he gets detention and is suspended from school. Harold beats Leopold up at the start of episode 3, and when Leopold escapes, he disguises himself as a Team Aqua grunt along with his wife to spy on Leopold. They followed Arceus around for a while, but Harold went back to work, and surprisingly, got a transfer to work for an unknown company.

Tulio Sheihee's (Edizon Pascual) AGK Series

"Episode 3: Angry German Kid's Dad (Harold) gets embarrassed with Let It Go"

Harold just found a video in YouTube. He found the video, "Demi Lovato - Let It Go (from "Frozen") [Official]". When he found that video, he got embarrassed. He beats the monitor and uses his keyboard to smash the computer monitor off the table. That's only what happened in the episode.

"Episode 4: Leopold Plays Teen Lovers Kiss"

He received a mail from his son Leopold. He found a game called it, Teen Lovers Kiss in When he attempted to play that game, he gets dismayed. And when he lost the game, again, he beats the monitor and uses his keyboard to smash the computer monitor off the table.

"Episode 5: Five Leaf Clover"

He got fired after he killed a professor that is a newly hired employee. After he got fired, he tried to think of his new job. When he got home, he found 3 strangers inside their house. He outlasted those three strangers who oppress Leopold; Mark, Mona, and Stephen. Then he also beats Leopold for sending the game to him.

"Episode 6: Harold For Hire" <3

Harold Slikk recently fired from his old job. His friend, Stuart helped him to find a new job. When Harold finally found his new job, he met his new kindly co-worker, Jared. Jared Sarmiento is a Filipino worker and tourist in Germany who also works in there for his family. Right after their shift, Harold and Jared went to the bar, together with his spouse, Jade, and having a conversation about their families. His friend Harold asks Jared how did he meet Jade. While Harold, Jared, and Jade are talking, suddenly Stuart came also in the bar and Stuart also joined the conversation. Jared and Jade also told to Harold and Stuart that their 6th Wedding Anniversary is tomorrow. They invited them on their wedding program. Harold and Stuart both like wedding celebrations. They also bought a gift from a boutique

"Episode 7: A Kiss In The Rain" (Angry German Kid Special Episode) <3

Jared and Jade invite Harold and Stuart for their 6th Wedding Anniversary. While Harold is about to leave for the wedding anniversary of Jared and Jade, he asks Leopold to guard their house. Harold and Stuart just met at the venue wherein the 6th Wedding Anniversary of Jared and Jade is held. During the program, he calls Leopold how is he doing. Right after the program, he called Leopold again and Leopold told him that it is his birthday tomorrow. Jared also introduces Harold to Jade for a surprise. They talked about families, as well as Stuart joined the conversation again.

"Episode 8: Leopold's Birthday"

The following day after the 6th Wedding Anniversary of Jared and Jade, it is Leopold's birthday. He asked him what does he want for his birthday. Leopold just made a wish list for his birthday and gave it to his father. However later, Leopold didn't receive any right gifts that he wants for.

<3 - These episodes of Angry German Kid Series is also a fan-made sequel of A Kiss In The Rain in behalf of Jared and Jade.

Illuminati 91021's AGK series

He was first seen talking to Leopold. He was also seen cheering up Leopold to defeat Ryouga in the BHS and the final battle in the Tower of ICUP. He rewarded Leopold with two $2000 amazon gift cards and an Arceus Burst Heart.

CDiFan237's AGK Series

Harold is mostly mentioned unnamed in the early episodes and the first half of Series 2. His only on-screen appearance in this series is in S2E7 Part 5, where after Leopold returns home from his adventure, Harold catches him and tries to ground him for leaving the house without telling him. When Leopold refuses, Harold tries to beat him up. Leopold defeats Harold who decides not to ground him after realizing that he can take care of himself.

Appearance Location HP Battler
S2E7 Part 5 Leopold's home 141 Leopold

TheCrazinessCat's AGK Series

Harold is Leopold's father who is almost as severely misbehaved as Leopold. Harold never does his work and likes to do what he wants, but frequently gets fired by his boss or by his annoying workmate, Bob. Unlike most AGK series, Harold here despises My Little Pony. Instead, he loves both Barbie and Bratz to death. He thinks they are the greatest things in the world and anyone who thinks different are idiots. Harold is also a disrespectful person. He always disrespects people's opinions, especially if somebody hates Barbie and Bratz. For his family, sometimes he loves his wife and sometimes he despises her. He loves Leonard and he loathes Leopold. Harold always likes to beat Leopold up, ground him, give him choirs and other miserable stuff to make Leopold's life even more hellish.

AGKFan640's AGK Series

In Episode 13, Harold was angry during the 2015 Philippine Papal Visit.

In Episode 19, Harold was angry at Leopold because he Destroyed Leonard's Television.

Harold was also known as "Fat Guy" in some Harold parodies. His first appearance is at Episode 12.

Harold the Baddest Person Ever

In the series done by Guyisbackable, Harold appears to be the "naughtiest office worker ever in history", thanks to the Leopold's social network TwitLeopold, which was never mentioned in the series. He is also known as the "oldest brony ever in history", despite being "fake".

He is so much associated with social networks because he keeps visiting them, just for sex on Facebook and to chat with John Edwards, the worker who popped in Harold's workstation.

His computer has Windows 8.1, despite being old (he has the computer that has the design like it's 1248), with all-new processors and a 9 YB floppy disk, allowing him to install PC Punisher 1.0, a fake application that allows computer cases to move and to beat the person the user is looking for (such as Harold looks for Leopold), but to be near the case (9 meters or less).

He claims his office to be built in 2014 BC, and to be the "oldest office ever to still exist", and it was false: it was attacked by him during 2005, until 2012.

Harold Wanted

Harold Wanted is an Angry German Kid Show spinoff created by Jacqui C. It focuses on Harold finding a new job and getting fired instantly in each episode. The series debuted on March 14th, 2015 with him getting a job as a Burger King cashier.

In episode two, Harold threatened to divorce Marla if she wouldn't leave Zia Records, his job after Burger King.

Tanzim K's AGK Series

Since EP12, he beats up Leopold with his cat, Burgers, and Fries.

It is confirmed that Harold will have Sinti (Romanis in Germany) ancestry, as told by Leopold in EP20.

Ivan187's AGK Series

Harold is much less abusive here than in other series; he only grounds Leopold for up to a week and was first heard in Episode 3. He has no obsessions with any shows whatsoever.

Atarster's AGK Series

In Atarster's AGK Series, Harold Slikk is Leopold's father who is nice to Leopold in some episodes, and other times, he beats up Leopold by the time when Leopold gets expelled from school, skips school, cheats on his test, receives an atrocious report card, and other inappropriate things. For some reason, Harold likes to watch Sailor Moon, MLP, and Tiny Toon Adventures because these are his favorite cartoons to watch.

Kimmyfinster2476pro's AGK Series

First Appeared to Season 0 Episode 3 cameo or Episode 8 renamed Roland and Season 11 renamed back to Harold.

GetScaredGaming666's series

In GetScaredGaming666's AGK series, Harold is an alcoholic and much more abusive than in other series to the point where his other sons suffer abuse as well.

UsefulAGKHelper's AGK Series

In Useful's AGK Series, Harold is really weird father, he threatens Leopold to try to repair his mistake or he will ground Leopold and take away some of his stuff. Sometimes Harold is a nice father similar in Atarster's AGK Series.

Adam Neilson's AGK Series

In Adam Neilson's Series, Harold is a nice father, but sometimes beats up Leopold, mainly because he gets low grades or that he doesn't have a job. He is also General in The New Zealand Army.

DrLuigiGamer2001's AGK Series

Harold Orlando Slikk Sr. Born in January 15th 1970 He yells at Leopold to get Downstairs for school. He also knocks him out of the floor for school when Leopold got suspended for cursing Harold Yells like a Godzilla he also gets mad when leopold called him (Old Fatass Monkey) and Harold throws leopold in sky

Also he loves Sega and Nintendo because they are his favorites

Icepenguins101's AGK series

In Icepenguins101's series, Harold is a highly-abusive father who beats up Leopold in a lot of occasions (Adventures and Unleashed), a voice cameo who told Leopold to go to school while he was tracking down Annoying Chicken (Rebooted), and a member of The Bastards who wishes Leopold quits his killer occupation (Reloaded). In episode 22 of Unleashed, like Leopold in episode 13, Harold was shown to have hatred with Roland Slikk because he was smashing his keyboard as a result of a widespread blackout.

Skile'sTV's Videos

In SkilesTV's Internet Arguments in a nutshell video, he's seen as the guy who posts his opinion and his son Angry German Kid is the person that disrespects it. Leonard called him gay and retarded and he showed his address to him so he can fight him. Harold beats the hit out of him a few seconds later.

Harold got fired at two jobs. One of them being McDonald's while the other one is GameStop. He gets fired for being rude to them and judging what they do. In his McDonald's video, he slapped Hitler with his keyboard and ruined his amazing mustache.

GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK series


TheGKProducer's AGK series

As Leopold gets older and months go, Harold gets stricter and more abusive. When Leopold was in 4th grade (troublemaking year), his dad was medium-weighed on punishments. Depending on how negative Leopold got into, Leopold just gets grounded with a number of stuff taken away. Nowadays ever since 7th grade, when Leopold got expelled Harold got really abusive.


  • His height is possibly 175 cm, and his weight is probably 116 kg. (In WedgePee's Series, he is 179cm tall and 120kg, in Margaretka4356's series, he is 186 cm tall and his weight is 116 kg, in Tulio Sheihee's series, he is 177cm and his weight is 127 kg.) It is also shown that he is a brony.
  • The person who portray Harold Slikk, Vinny Licciardi, is actually of Italian ancestry.
  • Harold beats up his son instead of killing him because he does not want to be imprisoned or fired by his boss.
  • Harold's favorite weapon is a sledgehammer, which he uses at work.
  • His sledgehammer's gender is female.
  • In Jeeves476 and Pauladrian360's series, instead of Harold, his father was Harry Slikk, the Angry Toaster Guy.
  • In Brian Chiem, he also gets very offended by Leopold for speaking different languages such as Burmese, Cantonese, Chinese, Hmong, Japanese, Korean, Lao, Malaysian, Taiwanese, Cambodian, Thai, and Vietnamese.
  • In Tanzim K's AGK series, he is of Romani descent. (In Germany, they're called Sinti)
  • In Videoman1443's series, Harold is renamed as Roland Slikk.
  • In TheFegelUniverse's series, Harold appeared to be a neutral character and favoring Leopold instead of Leonard, unlike the most of the series.
  • In Shiyamasaleem's series, Harold has Given Middle Names And A Nickname Harold J Slikk AKA Angry Dad Similar To Homer J Simpson's Name And Nickname From The Simpsons.
Appearance Location HP Battler
Dark Wishes Part 1 Leopold's home 2000 Thunder Hawk
Appearance Location HP Battler
Dark Wishes Part 3 Q Sound Base 2000 Thunder Hawk And Julia


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