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Angry Toaster Man

Angry Toaster Man (aka Angry Toaster Guy or Angry German Kid Returns) is a Supporting Character in Angry German Kid series.


Angry Toaster Man is similar to Harold Slikk with the exception of Oven Toaster instead of Keyboard. Unfucking Toaster

Appearance in Angry German Kid Series

Jeeves476's Angry German Kid Series

Angry Toaster Man appears in the episode "Angry German Kid get's Mauled by Smurfs".

Pauladrian360 Angry German Kid Series

He appears in the Angry German Kid LOL episode "Invasion of Samara Morgan" where Leopold and his friends gave him and Exploding Toaster to blow Samara's well.


In Episode 27, Appearances AGK And The Windows 10 Institution Part 1 he is named Herald Slikk.


  • He was also played Leopold's Father other than Harold Slikk.
  • His original video can only be found in Dailymotion.
  • It is unknown if he was Harold Slikk. 
  • In Jeeves476 (today known as Y_VE_squared) his name is Harry Slikk.
  • He was friends with Harold Slikk.
  • In TheKeyboardSmasher100's Series Harry Slikk Is Leopold's Second Uncle.
  • In AdibMusic Parodies' series Harry Slikk is Leopold's father due to language and nationality are same, other than Harold Slikk (Vinny Licciardi).

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