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“Bringen Sie mir Fegelein! FEGELEIN!!! FEGELEIN!!! FEGELEIN!!!”

Hermann Fegelein, the Master of Antics, is the apprentice of Heinrich Himmler, the Grand Master of the Antic Order. He uses his antics to drive Hitler crazy. He is Immortal to everything, and can't die no matter what. He can survive in everything, including explosions, and even black holes.


AngryGermanKid82's Series

In episode 72, he and Leonard infected the Terminator robot Mrs. Sukscox with a virus, shutting her down for good, then he uses his Fegel-teleport to disappear from Jake Randolf's house after helping Leopold.

TheKewlOne96's Series

Besides Hitler, Fegelein also has teamed up with Leopold against Justin Bieber. In Trilogy(Episode 36-38) and Movie 2.

Pokebob1's Series

In episode 16, he and Hitler's crew went to Weegee Theaters to see "The Darkest Hour" 3D, but Leopold gives a free ticket to Fegelein for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol to annoy Hitler.

He is also Leopold's best friend

MohdAKsnake's Series

In his series, Fegelein is a part of the Slikk Family along with Traudl Junge.

Future Fegelein as seen in pauladrian360 Angry German Kid Series.

Pauladrian360's Series

Future Fegelein appears in Episode 26 "The Fegel Alliance". In his series, he is a friend of Peter Sundler (Captain PS) and aid them against Hitlesis ambush. He also have a sister named Jamie.

DrLuigiGamer2001's Series

Hermann Faried Fegelein (Born in January 1st, 1989) Fegelein annoys Hitler a lot and Hitler cannot take anymore about Fegelein Hitler Calls Fegelein Donkey the Fegelarse or Fegelarse the Godzilla he becomes friends with Leopold and Jake he also hacked Hitler's Youtube account twice in a row He also trolls Hitler by adding the hot sauce on Hitler's meal everyday on His birthday at New Years Day Hitler gives a middle finger candle on Fegelein's Birthday Cake and write on Fegelein Cake saying "Happy motherfucking your Birthday you Fegelarse"


  • His name can be called to Leopold if Hitler encounter him.[1]
  • If it's unknown if he's a cyborg or a human since he appears to be wearing a suit that is quite identical to the late 1980's Robocop.
  • In pauladrian360 Angry German Kid Series, Fegelein asked Leopold a question of why he was in the Wrong Timeline. This was proof that Fegelein is able to survive within 200 years.
    • This was also happen when Hitler asked him the same question.



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