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Hoppus is the yellow rabbit from Mighty Magiswords which his role is the antagonist. While in GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK series, his role is the anti-protagonist.


GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK series

In "AGK vs Fabrice" Episode, Hoppus appeared to stop Leopold and Fabrice fighting, then help Leopold to finish him.

In "AGK and Leorich vs Leonard" Episode, Hoppus appeared to help Leopold finish Leonard from preventing him killing either Leopold or Leorich after they pranked him before, chasing Kyle but failed, being hugged by Leopold and Leorich, called "rabbit slut" for 1st time.

In "AGK vs Fabrice: The Aftermath" OVA, there's a scene about Leopold and himself being slaved by Madrice from 40T10's Nightmare. The majority of scene, Hoppus is just normal like ever was.

In the 2017 Halloween Special, TBA

In "AGK Lost in Space" Episodes, Hoppus turned into a sexy bunny girl and still called "rabbit-slut" again by Leopold and Adrenaline21, later he turned back into his original form with a genderswapping machine after defeating the villains with Leopold's crew.

In AGK vs Warriors for Hire, to be continued...

In "AGK and Friends vs Springtrap and Kyle" Episodes, to be continued...

In "AGK vs Nazis" Episodes, Hoppus being kicked out by Adolf Hitler as annoying "rabbit slut" to ruin his Fuehrerbunker.

In "AGK: Powered Up" Series, Hoppus appeared to be major protagonist as he's a member of The Germans.

In after credits of Season 4 and Season 5 episodes, many screams of him can be heard and the episode list will be on here:

*Note: This is violent bumper joke of this series.

  • AGK vs. Warriors for Hire: TBA
  • AGK vs Max Headroom and Aladdin.exe feat. Adrenaline21: Hoppus screams until death by Leopold calls a giant snake to wrap him.
  • AGK~Lost in Space~: Hoppus screamed after transformation occurs in genderswapping machine.
  • AGK and friends vs Springtrap and Kyle: Hoppus screamed for being chased by Leopold and killed with a knife.
  • AGK vs Nazis: Instead of Leopold as a culprit to him, Hitler is the culprit for him. Hoppus wants to escape from Hitler's chase, unfortunately for him as he screams to try escape by Hitler picking him up and kicked out from Fuehrerbunker.
  • Any else of episodes: He screams for Leopold chasing him while he swears so much.

Adrenaline21's AGK Series

He's not appearing on this series and only mentioned by Leopold which used on Judy Hopps, every her appearance.

Angry German Kid: Final Mix~The Movie~

Before this movie starts, "AGK vs Grizzly Bear" Episode occured as he and Norman Warrior (father of Vambre and Prohyas Warrior) teamed up with Leopold.





  • In GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK series, he found that Leopold Slikk is worse than Prohyas Warrior since he still hates Prohyas.
  • In episode 61 onwards, his voice is same as Harold Slikk's voice as he has different voices from his debut
    • AGK vs Fabrice: The Aftermath OVA (Travrinity, part 3 and 4)
    • AGK vs Fabrice (Low-pitch version of GeneBernardinoLawl's voice and sequence mixing)
    • AGK and Leorich vs Leonard, AGK: Halloween Special, AGK meets Adolf Hitler (Lower pitch of Leopold Slikk's voice).
    • AGK: Lost in Space (Leopold's voice as his female form).
  • Hoppus is the 2nd main rabbit character to be appeared in AGK Series from the 1st, Jade Hopper and later, Judy Hopps.
  • He's the only male rabbit to be appeared on AGK Series, while Judy and Jade are female.
  • In Mighty Magiswords, it's unknown where the episodes we see him cry and he shedding his tears only on the episode "Hoppus The Hunted". But in GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK series, "AGK vs. Fabrice: The Aftermath", "The Angry German Kid Christmas comic series", "AGK's Girlfriend", "AGK vs. Warriors for Hire", "AGK and friends vs. Springtrap and Kyle", "The Angry German Kid Movie", "The Mutant Rabbit Warrior's Sadness", "Finding Danelda The Bunny", "Resurrection 'K'" and "The One Last Enemy" are the only times we see him cry or shedding his tears then in the spin-off "The Adventures of the Purple Plumber and the Lagomercenary, "The Pilot: We Finally Meet Each-Other", "What happened to Danelda?" and "Warriors For Hire vs. Zoey The Doxen" are the only times we see him cry or shedding his tears.