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This character is not popular or recognized in the parody universe.
Because it didn't appear frequently in other series or didn't have an actual appearance in the Angry German Kid parody universe. These type of characters are considered unpopular.

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Isabella Full name: Isabella Leonhart, is a friend of Leopold Slikk originally created by PVMAGKVIDEOS.

She's a friendly character that first appeared in the original 2015 AGK show. The character was later discarded due to major personal accidents and questionable changes that Isabella was scrapped for a while long.


• Isabella has light brown hair and wears a keyboard tiara on her head.

• Isabella also has a gold trimmed hair line that acts as one of her special powers.

• Below she's wearing white feathery puffballs on the back of her head followed with a rainbow necklace and two feathers attached on each shoulder.

• Her clothes are made of white silk fabric.

• She wears a brown leather keyboard belt on a white silk robe.

• She wears brown sandals and two rainbow bracelets.

• Brown sandals

• She also has a powerless appearance where she looks like a normal girl.


• Isabella is friendly, calm and relaxing.

• She's known for helping people out and performing daily activities such as talking with relative ancients.

• She also has magic abilities including her gold trimmed hair line. That can perform electric magics.

Appearances throughout the series

• AGK Series (2015)

• AGK VX (Season 7)

•AGK'S Christmas Special 2021

• AGK VX EPISODE 51 Part 3 (Briefly shown.)