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Message from Ivan187:
"As of May 19th, 2022, I finally decided to retire my AGK series for good. I only did this during a bygone era of my life where I was still figuring out what videos I wanted to make, and AGK no longer aligns with my personality or my creativity outlet. I will not reboot my series or make any episodes ever again."

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“You don't do jobs because of money, but rather because you love what you do.”

Ivan187 (or The Bronze Cat) is an AGK parodist since December 2014 from Mexico, born on December 14th, 2001.

Aside from his AGK parodies, he also makes gaming videos, Downfall Parodies, a Shorts and Fillers series, and most recently YouTube Poops. Since it's very hard to explain all the content he uploads on his channel, it's been declared "the meaning of randomness".


He has made his first episode on December 6th, 2014, because of inspiration, and that it was the 150th video on his old channel, but there weren't any more episodes for 3 months because of how hard they were to make, and difficulties with his video editor. It wasn't until March 2015 when he decided to bring the series back, with the second episode: AGK plays 3D Pinball Space Cadet. Now it isn't really hard for him to make AGK parodies, but he considers himself to be "often lazy".

Video editing software

Ivan187 had always been using VideoPad throughout his whole YouTube career and still does it nowadays. He does use Vegas Pro 15 and 17, but only for YTP's, and occasionally for other videos too.

Lost YouTube channel

He lost an old channel with almost 1.6k subscribers and 460k views on July 10th, 2016, after almost 5 months having it disabled. Due to this, he was forced to use the channel he created in early April 2016. This channel passed 460k views on July 19th, 2018; while it passed 1.6k subscribers on December 5th of the same year.

AGK series jeopardy

In 2016, Ivan's series began to enter a major parodist block. Not only because of school, and personal issues with studies and everything: but also because he tried to be consistent with all the other content he was making. On top of that, Ivan had his old channel disabled earlier in February of that year, which forbid him from uploading videos. This ultimately resulted in loss of motivation to continue his series, because he had to re-upload his AGK videos onto the new channel, and in the midst of doing that, he realized that a few episodes were pretty bad, and wanted to remake them. The remade episodes would have totally different plots, and as a result, the storyline wouldn't have a proper order at all. Not to mention, it means that his 2015 editing and his new editing would get mixed together.

People suggested that he reboots his AGK series because of all the issues mentioned above, but he refused. Mainly because episodes 8, 19 and 30 (just to name a few) each took weeks/months to make, and he's not about to remake those episodes all over again. Also, some of them are memorable classics that he thinks people should remember. Bottom line, Ivan is turned off by the thought of rebooting a series, effectively having wasted 4 years of his life by sending that work down the drain. The only real solution is to consider Episode 31 the start of a proper storyline to his AGK series, but that episode has been on hold since 2016 ended, which was when he posted Episode 30.

Nowadays, the reason why he hasn't worked on Episode 31, is because he has steered his interests so far away from AGK. He's currently doing a project called "The 2018 Program" which consists of a long run of videos covering every day of the year. More than half of those videos were posted in 2018, but others have been delayed for the same dates of 2019, and he's trying to fill all the gaps with gaming videos, YTP Tennis matches, his Shorts and Fillers series that he brought back in July 2018, and other miscellaneous videos. There's only one AGK episode in the entire 2018 program (the remake of his very first episode, which took the spot for January 28th). The good news is that he plans to bring back his AGK series for real, once the 2018 program is all done. He could probably make an AGK episode and use it to fill a gap, but due to fearing time constraints that he's gonna miss the same day of the year a second time, it's pretty much why his AGK series is still halted as of 2019.



First 30 Episodes

Episodes followed by means that the video may contain excessive swearing or content inappropriate for younger audiences, and means that the video may contain disturbing/scary or epileptic content. You can also see the color in each episode's thumbnail.

# Title Initial release Duration Watch
1 Angry German Kid buys a new keyboard * Jan 28th, 2018 6:18
2 Angry German Kid plays 3D Pinball: Space Cadet * TBC ?
3 Angry German Kid plays The Impossible Game * TBC ?
4 Angry German Kid clones himself Mar 29th, 2015 6:43
5 Angry German Kid watches Greatest Freakout Ever [Vol. 1] Apr 5th, 2015 10:43
6 Angry German Kid goes to KFC Apr 20th, 2015 4:18
7 Angry German Kid opens a time capsule early * Jul 21st, 2015 3:10
8 Angry German Kid plays The Impossible Quiz May 3rd, 2015 32:02
9 Angry German Kid gets a Nintendo Switch * Mar 3rd, 2019 9:20
10 Angry German Kid and the killer clown * Oct 31st, 2016 12:34
11 Angry German Kid plays Pac-Man * TBC ?
12 Angry German Kid watches funny videos Jul 23rd, 2015 11:59
13 Angry German Kid gets stuck in the lockers at school Jul 31st, 2015 4:43
14 Angry German Kid watches Angry People Aug 13th, 2015 14:53
15 Angry German Kid gets sick Aug 13th, 2015 3:10
16 Angry German Kid has a nightmare Aug 22nd, 2015 4:25
17 Angry German Kid plays The Unfair Platformer Sep 5th, 2015 8:29
18 Angry German Kid watches Mr. Trollinator Sep 26th, 2015 18:00
19 Angry German Kid plays The Impossible Quiz 2 Oct 21st, 2015 35:39
20 Angry German Kid plays Purble Place * Dec 25th, 2016 10:22
21 Angry German Kid gets a virus Nov 28th, 2015 5:39
22 Angry German Kid plays Phytrix Dec 9th, 2015 13:53
23 Angry German Kid watches Greatest Freakout Ever [Vol. 2] Jan 1st, 2016 19:08
24 Angry German Kid plays Whack Your Boss Jan 1st, 2016 14:17
25 Angry German Kid takes the Math Test Jan 30th, 2016 16:37
26 Angry German Kid watches my videos May 3rd, 2016 13:32
27 Angry German Kid plays The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 1 May 3rd, 2016 13:50
28 Angry German Kid plays Trollface Quest May 3rd, 2016 10:45
29 Angry German Kid meets Adolf Hitler July 10th, 2016 6:34
30 Angry German Kid watches AVGN Dec 31st, 2016 42:26

*Episode was remade, or was slanted to be remade.

Runtime: TBD.

  • Episode 1 was originally AGK watches Hitler.exe. That was changed because it was a pretty bad plot to start an AGK series with, and the video format was wrong, too.
  • Episode 2 retains the same title as the old version. Ivan wants to remake this episode to fix some errors, and add more to what it originally had.
  • Episode 3 was originally AGK goes to school. This was a failed attempt to steer away from the biggest cliché of the entire AGK universe; Ivan hated his version of this episode, and decided to change it to something totally different.
  • Episode 7 was originally AGK does drugs, but it was changed on the spot only a few months after it was made. AGKandvideomaker2000's version of AGK does drugs (Episode 29) got flagged on May 29th, 2015, and Ivan feared that his seventh episode would go through the same fate, so he decided to avoid the risk of getting another strike on his old channel.
  • Episode 9 was originally AGK watches 2 girls 1 cup. This episode only took one hour in total to make, and the plot itself wasn't enough to make it worthy to keep. Not to mention, this was the shortest episode of the series at the time.
  • Episode 10 was originally AGK cuts school. This episode had rendering errors, a bad plot trying to cover for a cliché, and just overall lacking ideas for a good episode. This episode was replaced with an idea inspired by the killer clown craze that went on in 2016: AGK and the killer clown. It was even the channel trailer for Ivan187 for quite some time.
  • Episode 11 also retains the same title as the old version. Ivan wants to make Leopold play more different versions of Pac-Man for this episode.
  • Episode 20 was originally AGK plays Scary Maze Game. Another failed attempt at steering away from the cliché of this game, resulted in a very anti-climactic plot. Ivan wasn't happy with this episode at all.

Real Series

# Title Release date Duration Watch
31 Angry German Kid plays Minesweeper TBC ?
32 Angry German Kid plays Don't Whack Your Teacher TBC ?
33 Angry German Kid skips school TBC ?
34 Angry German Kid watches funny cats and dogs TBC ?
35 Angry German Kid plays Whack Your Boss 2: Fantasy Edition TBC ?
36 Angry German Kid takes the Stupid Quiz TBC ?
37 Angry German Kid and the word-searches TBC ?
38 Angry German Kid plays Whack Your Ex TBC ?
39 Angry German Kid plays The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 2 TBC ?
40 Angry German Kid watches Greatest Freakout Ever [Vol. 3] TBC ?
41 Angry German Kid stays late at school TBC ?
42 Angry German Kid plays Trollface Quest 2 TBC ?
43 Angry German Kid watches Fat Kid videos TBC ?
44 Angry German Kid gets into a Skype argument TBC ?
45 Angry German Kid plays Music Catch TBC ?
46 Angry German Kid and the switch TBC ?
47 Angry German Kid does the Charlie Charlie Challenge TBC ?
48 Angry German Kid plays AVGN Adventures TBC ?
49 Angry German Kid goes to a Coke Freestyle Machine TBC ?
50 Angry German Kid plays The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 3 TBC ?
51 Angry German Kid plays Trollface Quest 3 TBC ?
52 Angry German Kid plays Whack The Thief TBC ?
53 Angry German Kid goes on TBC ?
54 Angry German Kid plays TBC ?
55 Angry German Kid gets a girlfriend TBC ?
56 Angry German Kid watches Racist Mario TBC ?
57 Angry German Kid watches Fred TBC ?
58 Angry German Kid plays Not Tetris TBC ?
59 Angry German Kid watches McJuggerNuggets TBC ?
60 Angry German Kid tries to go to sleep TBC ?
61 Angry German Kid plays The Insurmountable Quiz TBC ?
62 Angry German Kid gets into another Skype argument TBC ?
63 Angry German Kid watches 1 man 1 jar TBC ?
64 Angry German Kid plays Whack Your Computer TBC ?
65 Angry German Kid performs prank calls TBC ?
66 Angry German Kid and the fake NES emulator TBC ?
67 Angry German Kid plays Trollface Quest 4 TBC ?
68 Angry German Kid plays Photon Zone TBC ?
69 Angry German Kid sees himself on YouTube (lol) TBC ?
70 Angry German Kid's Internet problems TBC ?
71 Angry German Kid watches random videos TBC ?
72 Angry German Kid takes the Math Test again TBC ?
73 Angry German Kid plays Unfair Mario TBC ?
74 Angry German Kid runs away TBC ?
75 Angry German Kid says things that he hates TBC ?
76 Angry German Kid looks at random pictures TBC ?
77 Angry German Kid gets fortunate TBC ?
78 Angry German Kid plays Whack the Cheater TBC ?
79 Angry German Kid watches Terry Crews Old Spice Commercials TBC ?
80 Angry German Kid plays Trollface Quest 5 TBC ?
81 Angry German Kid plays Flappy Bird TBC ?
82 Angry German Kid plays I Wanna Be The Guy TBC ?
83 Angry German Kid watches asdfmovie TBC ?
84 Angry German Kid watches Action Bunnies TBC ?
85 Angry German Kid plays Happy Wheels TBC ?
86 Angry German Kid plays World's Hardest Game TBC ?
87 Angry German Kid tries to get sound effects TBC ?
88 Angry German Kid and the modern generation TBC ?
89 Angry German Kid refuses to go to school TBC ?
90 Angry German Kid plays Syobon Action TBC ?
91 Angry German Kid goes on Omegle TBC ?
92 Angry German Kid plays Whack Your Neighbour TBC ?
93 Angry German Kid plays Super Pig TBC ?
94 Angry German Kid plays World's Hardest Game 2 TBC ?
95 Angry German Kid has a bad day TBC ?
96 Angry German Kid plays Super Hexagon TBC ?
97 Angry German Kid plays I Wanna Be The Guy: Gaiden TBC ?
98 Angry German Kid watches Angry Grandpa TBC ?
99 Angry German Kid plays StepMania TBC ?
100 Angry German Kid plays VVVVVV TBC ?
101 Angry German Kid plays World's Hardest Game 3 TBC ?
102 Angry German Kid plays XCVB TBC ?
103 Angry German Kid installs Windows 10 TBC ?
104 Angry German Kid plays Action 52 TBC ?
105 Angry German Kid plays Geometry Dash TBC ?
106 Angry German Kid takes the Stupid Quiz again TBC ?
107 Angry German Kid gets ding dong ditched TBC ?
108 Angry German Kid watches Nostalgia Critic TBC ?
109 Angry German Kid plays Default Dan TBC ?
110 Angry German Kid plays Excitebike TBC ?
111 Angry German Kid's timeline TBC ?
112 Angry German Kid plays TBC ?
113 Angry German Kid goes on YouTube at school TBC ?
114 Angry German Kid pulls the fire alarm TBC ?
115 Angry German Kid's Google account gets disabled TBC ?
116 Angry German Kid plays Trollface Quest Sports TBC ?
117 Angry German Kid plays Trollface Quest 13 TBC ?
118 Angry German Kid watches Michael Davis (juggler) TBC ?
119 Angry German Kid looks at more random pictures TBC ?
120 Angry German Kid plays again TBC ?
121 Angry German Kid cheats on his test TBC ?
122 Angry German Kid plays TBC ?
123 Angry German Kid gets stuck in the elevator TBC ?
124 Angry German Kid's report card TBC ?
125 Angry German Kid plays Breaking the Bank TBC ?
126 Angry German Kid plays Escaping the Prison TBC ?
127 Angry German Kid plays Stealing the Diamond TBC ?
128 Angry German Kid plays Infiltrating the Airship TBC ?
129 Angry German Kid plays Fleeing the Complex TBC ?
130 Angry German Kid listens to random music TBC ?
131 Angry German Kid plays Emily is Away TBC ?
132 Angry German Kid plays Trollface Quest Trolltube TBC ?
133 Angry German Kid gets banned from Unreal Tournament TBC ?
134 Angry German Kid confronts Jake TBC ?
135 Angry German Kid plays Whack the Burglars TBC ?
136 Angry German Kid watches more random videos TBC ?
137 Angry German Kid watches Tocaraca TBC ?
138 Angry German Kid plays Go Go Plant TBC ?
139 Angry German Kid watches boogie2988 TBC ?
140 Angry German Kid gets kicked out of the house TBC ?
141 Angry German Kid films his dad at work TBC ?
142 Angry German Kid and the uninvited guest TBC ?
143 Angry German Kid goes to school... homeless TBC ?
144 Angry German Kid plays AVGN Adventures II: Assimilation TBC ?
145 Angry German Kid plays Experiments on the Loose TBC ?
146 Angry German Kid plays Level Editor TBC ?
147 Angry German Kid goes on The Best 404 Page Ever TBC ?
148 Angry German Kid plays Whack the Creeps TBC ?
149 Angry German Kid watches viral videos TBC ?
150 Angry German Kid's depression TBC ?
151 Angry German Kid plays Go Go Plant 2 TBC ?
152 Angry German Kid gets allowed back in the house TBC ?
153 Angry German Kid does a YTP Tennis TBC ?
154 Angry German Kid makes memes out of himself TBC ?
155 Angry German Kid plays Cookie Clicker TBC ?



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Personal facts

  • Ivan187 used to be a brony in 2013, but he lost interest in MLP ever since.
  • Ivan187 is an AGK fan since October 2014.
  • Ivan187 uses Chris the Cat from the Impossible Quiz as his icon, because of the ambition he had with the games in 2014.
  • In Ivan187's AGK series, Leopold's behavior isn't as bad as in other series, but it's not great either. It's a 50/50 deal.
  • Ivan187 was influenced by a parodist who doesn't want their name to be mentioned anymore.
  • There are a handful of episodes in Ivan187's series that he pondered to remake at some point in time, but he didn't. Those are among his least favorites:
    • Episode 6. Other than being able to pull off a funny scene with Hitler, the first half of this episode is just Leopold watching the fourth Greatest Freakout Ever video, and the rest of the episode where Leopold is going to KFC, Ivan considers it to have resulted very anti-climactic, which is why he doesn't have any AGK goes to [restaurant] videos planned. For the plot of Episode 29 (AGK meets Hitler), this episode was referenced, which would've meant misleading continuity had Episode 6 been remade.
    • Episode 7. Ivan didn't like the new version of this episode where Leopold opens a time capsule early, because of the short duration meaning an anti-climactic plot. But knowing that remaking the same episode twice would've just been purgatory, he decided to simply leave this one alone.
    • Episode 13. Ivan thought that almost nobody had done this episode before, so he considered it an original idea of his. However, he thinks he didn't do the best job executing it. He was thinking about how the plot could've been done better and more elaborate, to no avail.
    • Episode 15. Another short episode with an anti-climactic plot, especially by how Ivan pulled off the ending. It's not exactly clear why this episode wasn't remade; he just failed to come up with a good idea to replace it.
    • Episode 16. For an episode where AGK is having a nightmare, it could've had a lot of potential, or so Ivan thought back when he made it. It might have creeped out at least one of his fans watching it, but in the end it was just an excuse for him to make an episode that could wear the red thumbnail. Like with Episode 13, he thought of a more climactic and elaborate plot to no avail.
  • Ivan187 uses VideoPad to make all of his videos.
    • He began using Vegas Pro sporadically in 2017 to pull off a few special effects for YTP tennis rounds. In 2019, he is now using Vegas Pro 14 and 16 to make full YTP's with tons of special effect plugins. Later in September of the same year, he started using Vegas Pro 15 and 17 instead.
      • Video FX plugins:
        • Sapphire OFX
        • Boris Continuum Complete (BCC OFX)
        • NewBlue FX
        • Hitfilm Ignite Pro
        • Red Giant Universe
        • Bororo 3D
        • G'MIC OFX
      • Audio FX plugins:
        • KarmaFX
        • IL Vocodex
        • Orange Vocoder
        • 4ormulator
        • MeldaProduction (formerly)
        • Stempel
        • DtBlkFx
        • Cannabis Vocoder
        • Illformed dBlue
        • V O C O T R O N
        • mda
        • Destroy FX
        • The Nightmare Machine
        • Lost Technology
  • Ivan187 never uses his voice, let alone a face-cam for his gaming videos; he uses text subtitles instead. This is because English is not his native language.
  • Ivan187 has been using a watermark for his videos since April 24th, 2015. Sometimes he forgets it, but AGK episodes are guaranteed to have it.
    • The text in his first watermark was made out of his handwriting on a computer.
  • Ivan187 has been making Downfall Parodies since November 2nd, 2014.
  • Ivan187 used to stay up until 2 to 5 in the morning playing games, watching videos (especially AGK parodies) or finishing a video to upload to YouTube.
    • In early-mid 2018, he was often staying up late because of stress and anxiety, caused by his declining performance in school and other sentimental issues.
  • Ivan187's favorite day of the week is Saturday. He doesn't like Friday solely because you will still go to school that day.
  • Ivan187's favorite month of the year is July.
  • Ivan187's zodiac sign is Sagittarius.
  • Ivan187 has a disability called Asperger's, which has brought up lots of conflicts with his family. He attended therapy sessions in 2013.
  • Ivan187 is asthmatic. He had to use a nebulizer in February 2015 because of an asthma attack he once had.
  • Ivan187 has been living in a bunker type of house since April 12th, 2015.
  • Ivan187 got a CG strike on his lost YouTube channel on September 11th, 2014, which prevented him from using custom thumbnails and upload videos that are longer than 15 minutes. The strike expired on March 10th, 2015.
  • Ivan187 has tried the Charlie Charlie Challenge on June 1st, 2015 at school.
  • Ivan187 likes rain, but not thunderstorms.
  • From May 17th, 2015 to July 4th, 2015, Ivan187 had trouble with his videos freezing periodically because of the VideoPad version he was using (4.05 and 4.08).
  • Ivan187 has been recording gaming videos since February 2014.
  • Since 2015, Ivan187 decided to not be involved in a relationship at all, and stay single.
    • His IRL friends think that he has time for a relationship and he's well deserving of it, but it's not quite true.
  • Ivan187 doesn't have a favorite food or type of music.
  • Ivan187 claims that he will never retire from the AGK meme, even if he can't focus on it for a period of time.
  • Ivan187 tries to upload at least one video weekly.
    • He also tried to upload daily videos during 2018 [1].
  • Unlike any other AGK parodist, Ivan187 makes a highlights video every 10 episodes.
  • So far, Episode 25 is the episode where Ivan187 used the widest variety of software.
  • Ivan187 is the only AGK parodist who ever had to deal with such a messed up process of his Google account status:
    • Disabled on February 15th, 2016.
    • Reenabled on May 2nd, 2016.
    • Disabled again on May 4th, 2016.
    • Reenabled again on May 31st, 2016.
    • Disabled once again on June 1st, 2016.
      • He has experienced a slower subscriber gain rate because of this, but during June 2016, this number would start taking off, despite the disabled status.
  • On March 9th, 2016, it snowed in Ivan187's hometown for the first time since around 1997.
  • Ivan187 is a big fan of The Best 404 Page Ever.
  • Ivan187 plans to use the same AGK intro and credits permanently, from Episode 31 onwards.
    • He also wants to keep the same thumbnail design from October 22nd, 2016 permanently, because changing it has been a time-consuming process every time.
  • Episode 30 took 5 months to finish. The reason can be found after its channel outro.
  • Ivan187 started high school in August 2017, and finished it in July 2020, however, during the last 3 months, he took online classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic.