JCjcilley97's AGK series revolves arround the main protagonist: Leopold Slikk (Angry German Kid,Keyboard Crusher,Der Echte Gangster). It follows Leopold in his adventures.

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Leopold's House: This is where most of the actions in the series happen.

Others: Leopold's School: This is where AGK gets assignments and for the most part doesn't behave properly; swearing, yelling and writing very bad reports.

Mental School: This is where AGK went because of mental issues and for being expelled at his first high school.

The Prison- This is where AGK stays for life after getting revenge on the first school he got expelled from, but luckilly, he broke out of prison, and not one person caught him. In Angry German Kid vs Illegal Downloading, he was supposed to stay there for five years, but luckily, escaped again with no one catching him.

Military School: This is where Leopold goes when he gets expelled from his second school. But luckily after Sgt. Hartman from Full Metal Jacket slandered leopold, Leopold escaped and no one caught him

Pizza Hut: Leopold goes there in Episode 12 and did not get what he wanted for food.

McDonalds: Leopold goes there in episode 20. And once again didn't get what he wanted.


Leopold- The protagonist in the series, he mainly plays Unreal Tournament and fails at school. He uses his keyboard as his weapon of choice and his dad and brother hate him.

AGK's Dad- His name is Harold, he constantly beats Leopold and gets angry at him.

AGK's Mother- Mary Slikk, she constantly can ground Leopold if he is not behaving, but nothing else worth mentioning.

AGK's little brother- Leonard, he constantly annoys Leopold during the series. Sometimes he likes girly things like watching Dora the Explorer.

AGK's former Principal - Hitler, he is the principal who met Leopold, when Leopold first came to the second high school, where he first got suspended for 4 days in episode 7. In episode 21, Leopold got expelled again.

AGK's former Teacher - Mr. Malcolm, He is the teacher who met Leopold, when leopold first came to the second high school, Mr.Malcom sent him to Principal Hitler's office and he got suspended for 4 days in episode 7. He got expelled again in episode 21.

Sgt. Hartman - Leopold's drill instructor in episode 23 as a result of getting expelled from his second high school.


Season 1

1. Angry German Kid Gets a Pet

2. Angry German Kid Goes to School

3. Angry German Kid Goes to the Mental School

4. Angry German Kid Gets Revenge on His School

5. Angry German Kid Goes to Prison

6. Angry German Kid Breaks Out of Prison

7. Angry German Kid Goes to a New School and Takes a Math Test

8. Angry German Kid's Good Dream

9. Angry German Kid's Little Brother, Leonard

10. Angry German Kid Takes a Spelling Test

Season 2

11. Angry German Kid Kid Goes to Romania

12. Angry German Kid Goes to Pizza Hut

13. Angry German Kid Watches Mr.Diablolord Rants

14. Angry German Kid Gets Revenge on His Dad

15. Angry German Kid's Dad Returns

16. Angry German Kid Sees Himself On YouTube

17-19. Angry German Kid vs. Illegal Downloading

20. Angry German Kid Goes to McDonald's

Season 3

21. Angry German Kid Gets Expelled From School

22. Angry German Kid's Christmas

23. Angry German Kid Goes to Military School

24. Angry German Kid's Thanksgiving

25. Angry German Kid Goes to KFC

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