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JTheAdventurer is a new AGK parodist who started to make AGK videos in late 2017. He enjoyed watching agk when he was a few years younger and began making his own series.


Main Characters

  • Leopold Slikk - The Angry German Kid
  • Jake Randolf - One of Leopold's best friends
  • Jaden Ferguson - One of Leopold's best friends
  • Mango - The budgie
  • Harold Slikk - Leopold's father
  • Leonard Slikk - Leopold's little brother
  • Leonidas Slikk - Leopold's dimwitted brother

Supporting or Minor Characters

  • Mary Slikk - Leopold's mother


  • Adolf Hitler
  • Sonic.exe
  • RED
  • Vayne


Season 1

Episode No. Title Watch Released
1 AGK Plays Sonic.exe Dec 11, 2017
2 AGK Has A Nightmare Dec 21, 2017
3 AGK Goes to school Dec 31, 2017
4 AGK Vs the Corrupted Eye Dec 31, 2017
5 AGK and His Brothers May 11, 2018
6 AGK Vs Hitler 1/2 Jun 4, 2018
7 AGK Vs Hitler 2/2 Jul 9, 2018
8 An Unclouded Future Jul 31, 2018
9 Destined For Greatness Aug 15, 2018
10 Fuhrer on the Move Oct 21, 2018
11 Through The Jungle April 20, 2019
12 Infiltration N/A
13 Cosmic Calamity N/A
14 Lost in Space 1/3 N/A
15 Lost in Space 2/3 N/A
16 Lost in Space 3/3 N/A
17 Gone Camping N/A
18 Dark Tales N/A
19 Traces of Evil N/A
20 The Dark Emerald N/A
21 A Nightmare Awakened N/A
22 A Deadly Game N/A
23 The Darkness Within N/A
24 The Dark World 1/2 N/A
25 The Dark World 2/2 N/A
26 Escape the Shadows N/A
27 Game Over 1/3 N/A
28 Game Over 2/3 N/A
29 Game Over 3/3 N/A
30 Augury N/A


Season 2

Episode No. Title Watch Released
1 The Search For Manipulation N/A
2 A Scourge in the Sands N/A
3 Clues N/A
4 Take to the Skies N/A
5 Siege Over the Clouds N/A
6 Dive Deeper N/A
7 Aquanos N/A
8 Tales of the Tris N/A
9 Re̷҉́à̧l̵̨i͠͏t̢͡y͝ N/A
10 Mars N/A
11 Pathos N/A
12 Trance N/A
13 Dementia N/A
14 Entropy 1/2 N/A
15 Entropy 2/2 N/A
16 Extus N/A
17 Zenith 1/2 N/A
18 Zenith 2/2 N/A
19 A Hellish Battle N/A
20 V҉҉̢a̢͜͠yn͏e N/A

Personal Facts

What J Likes

  • He enjoys watching anime such as Dragon Ball Z, Super, My Hero Academia, and sometimes old animes while animating or playing games at the same time.
  • Loves to hangout and be social with others.
  • Enjoys presenting his creations for people to enjoy and laugh at.
  • Likes to make people smile.
  • Redeeming himself by helping people after making mistakes.
  • Likes being treated an equal and respectfully.
  • Honest people.
  • People who fix their problems rationally

What J Hates

  • Seeing people flat out make hate comments of a video immaturely without backing up why they hate the video.
  • People who even try to play innocent by making dumb apology videos instead of trying to redeem themselves by helping others after making a mistake.
  • People who still think he is a bad person when he redeemed himself long ago.
  • People who think they're better than others and would trample over them with selfish pride.
  • People who think they know what they're saying when they don't.
  • Hypocrites.
  • Liars. (Unless they had a good reason)
  • People who vandalize or attack users simply for their amusement.
  • People who lash out at others or closest friends whenever they have a problem instead of asking for help.
  • People who have their friends attack or witchhunt the user that was harassing him/her.

Other Facts

  • The Idea of making his own agk series may have come from a few agk parodists, but the idea itself just came to his head one day and this is where he is today.
  • J deemed episodes 1-4 of his agk series cringy and somewhat unfunny, but he loved 5-7 as the animation was better, funny, had interesting stories, and plenty of action.
  • He is well aware of Cansin13 and his infamous behavior before he left, he had mixed feelings about him when he found out.
  • J like many colors, but can't tell which he likes most.