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Jade Hopper is one of PrinceStickFigure's original characters in his AGK series. [1] Just like her boyfriend, Steve the Cat, she was initially one of Leopold Slikk's enemies. [link, source or proof needed]

She is a tomboyish rabbit who really enjoys hanging around with her friend and hates her enemies a lot. She is currently voiced by text to speech voice Salli.[link, source or proof needed]


When Jade was little, she was a very happy and fun-loving child who used to live with both her mom and dad. [link, source or proof needed] She first became tomboyish when she was only 3. Unfortunately, her mother died from cancer when she was only 5 years old. Thankfully, her dad, David Hopper, met Lisa Turner and her son Sean Turner and they moved in with them and Lisa became her stepmom while Sean became her stepbrother. [link, source or proof needed] However, Jade and Sean hated each other. She met her best friend Ruby the Dragon while they were in kindergarten together. She later met Gum the Yoshi in middle school. When she was 15, she met a Zorua who was being abused by a crook, she knocked him out and took his butterfly knife for herself in case she needed it for serious danger. [link, source or proof needed] She also took the Zorua, tamed it, and named it Felix. [link, source or proof needed] She didn't go to the same school that Ruby and Gum went to, but she met a new friend that was able to keep her company. [link, source or proof needed] She did decent in that school, but she decided to stay an extra year because she wanted to have a good diploma. She was, however, transferred to the school that Ruby and Gum were at, and where she met Steve the Cat. Along with former enemies Leopold Slikk, Ronald Ramirez, and Kaeru Otoko. She didn't hate Jake Randolf because he wasn't as bad as Leopold and his other friends. She obtained an airsoft gun from her uncle because he had no use for it. [link, source or proof needed] She first used it and the butterfly knife to fight a bear with Ruby that was attacking Ruby's foster dad during a walk in a forest. She also used them against Stephen Quire, who wouldn't stop sending her pranks, as well as Adolf Hitler, who tried to capture Ruby and Gum. [link, source or proof needed] Then purge night came, where she made plans to kill Leopold with Ruby and two other purgers, until Hitler showed up in a Jigsaw costume. She then decided that she didn't want Leopold as an enemy anymore.[link, source or proof needed] She would later meet Steve's friends Logan the Deer and Andy Jackson (Though she knew about Andy through Gum). But she also later met Zoey the Doxen and her cat trio, who put her into depression. But Ruby's bird friend snaps her out of depression and she goes to save her friends and beats Zoey. Jade likes to play video games, watch stuff on Netflix, and hang out with her friends and her boyfriend Steve.[link, source or proof needed] She is very brave and is not afraid to fight even the dangerous of enemies. She lives with her dad David Hopper, her stepmom Lisa Turner, and her stepbrother Sean Turner[link, source or proof needed]


She first appeared in Episode 3 of PSF's rebooted AGK series, when she was introduced to the class by Ms. Bottleneck with Steve the Cat. She got a keyboard thrown at her by Leopold Slikk. And later, he and Stephen Quire saw her and Gum naked in the shower room while they were chasing each other.

She makes a cameo appearance in episodes 6 and 8 of the rebooted series.

In episode 10, she gets help from her friend Ruby and two other people on purge night to kill Leopold. But it backfires when Adolf Hitler shows up and messes everything up. She then starts to look at Leopold less like an enemy.

In episode 11, she helps Steve get Stephen off of him and she fights Sim with him, Leopold, and Jake. She gets knocked out by Stephen.

In episode 13, she wakes up and tells herself about the fight she had. She is then seen showering and getting dressed and going through her day as normal until she meets Zoey and her trio of cats, who decide to throw Steve off of his seat next to her and they bully her into depression. She plays a major role in this episode.

In episode 14, Ruby's bird friend snaps her out of depression. She trains herself to fight better and she upgrades her airsoft gun. She and her pet Felix go and fight Zoey and they beat her.


Butterfly knife: Her primary weapon that she took from a criminal abusing a Zorua, who became Jade's pet. It was revealed in her first battle with Sim and Stephen in AGK Rebooted episode 11.

Airsoft Gun: Her ranged weapon given to her by her uncle. Demonstrated in episode 11 along with her knife. It shoots regular BB pellets. Since episode 14, she tweaked it to shoot stronger pellets.



  • She may be a parody of Cream the Rabbit from Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • No, she is not named after an Australian tennis player if you look up her name. It's just a mere coincidence.