Jake Randolf is Leopold's best friend and the deuteragonist on the Angry German Kid parody universe, although it has been confirmed that it is not his real name.[1] He first appeared in the real-series "Echte Stas", directed by Echter Gangster and then appeared in Die mörderische Jagd (the murderous chase), Die mörderische Jagd 2 (the murderous chase 2) and Die Mörderische Verfolgungsjagd (the murderous hunt).


Jake appears in several different series, for example; KirbyMSC, Brian Chiem (very rarely), TheKewlOne96, AngryGermanKid82, and TheAGKMisadventures. He makes fewer appearances in Brian Chiem's Series compared to other AGK series.

DatLampGuy's AGK Series

Jake in this series was an object, and he was born in overload land in the object planet, he was a tiki, he was part of the tiki family, and his middle name is Tiki. He trained himself to fight for a few years, and a few months later after that, he got abducted by aliens, he killed all of the aliens and he tried to fly back home, but somehow, the UFO was out of control and he has crash landed to the human world, he landed right into Germany. and had to go to a place where he has to change himself into a human. he moved to a house where a couple doesn't even have a child, but a few months later, he found a portal back to the object planet, and he brought Leopold with him to meet his family and his friends.

He first appeared in episode 3.

Margaretka4356's AGK Series

In episode 3, he was named Percy Krebs. From episode 6, he is named Jake Randolf. In this series, it is also known from episode 76 that he has a brother named William. In this series, episode 93, Jake tells Leopold about his sister Emilie, and his father is seen on the photo. In episode 101, he is along with Leopold expelled from Hitler's school. In episode 106, he is seen with Leopold in front of the school and is revealed he will repeat 9th grade After Leopold finds out he will repeat it with him, he is happy and angry together. In episode 114, he got stuck in the elevator along with Leopold, Willy, Emily, and Eddie. In episode 123, he, along with Leopold, Willy and Elias changed nice suprise for Mr. Suxapingas to horrible disaster and is knocked out by Emily, Eddie and Dennis. In episode 124, in 2042, he appears in school and tells something to his future son James. He also appears in Leopold's future work. In the same episode, he says he hates Economics with Ms. Emolga. 

Pauladrian360's AGK Series

In his series, Jake made a first appearance in the future series.

RCT3Crashes100's AGK Series

In his series, Jake first appears as a small cameo in episode 2. He will make a full appearance later in the series. Jake is playing the Trumpet in School.

SBPTS's AGK Series

In his series, Jake is notably much older and wiser than Leopold, and is Leopold's only friend.

FilipHavlicek's AGK Series

In this series, Jake was born on May 18, 1999. He is one of Leopold's friends and has a sister named Angela.

Tulio Sheihee's AGK Series

Like in the most AGK Series, Jake is a Leopold's best friend and supporter. On Episode 11, he helped Leopold and Harold to battle Jack Frost and Elsa.

AGKandRockman2001's AGK series

Jake first appeared in Episode 1. He is Leopold's best friend, like in every AGK series.

In Episode 2, after he learned from Rias that Leopold died, he got very upset and swore revenge. Later that night, he came to the park to say farewell to his deceased friend, until Raynare shows up and dares to fight with him. After a harsh fight, Akeno, Koneko & Yuuto help him deal with her. Whenever he encounters Akeno, he is shy because he likes her beauty but he can't say how much he loves her. It is shown in some episodes.

Most of the time, he uses firearms, but thanks to Yuuto & Akeno, he mastered swords and electricity. He also uses ansatsuken moves.

TheCrazinessCat's AGK series

Jake appears a few times in this series and he first appeared in Episode 18. He is Leopold's best friend who likes to hang out with them, no matter if it is going on an adventure or watching stuff on YouTube. Jake likes to call Leopold "Gangster Leopold" as well, and vice versa. In Episode 18, it shows that Jake is not a very strong fighter.

Joey Slikk's AGK Series

He first appeared in Episode 6 where Leopold was introducing Joey to him, He even appeared in Episode 10 where Leopold goes to speech therapy with Him and Joey.

Kimmyfinster2476pro's AGK Series

He First appeared in Episode 97 Season 9 to introducing his him from creating the first job!

Travrinity's AGK Series

He first appeared in episode 1 at Leopold's school in Koblenz

Regardless of his looks, Jake is considered to be ambitious and confident in himself before the fight starts. Jake conceals a Walther P99 and Uzi; however, if in a situation where he has no ammo left, Jake can heavily rely on his organ to make himself a sword made out of the water, as well as shoot darts of water too.

Jake is both Polish and German, considering that his middle name is Jarosław and that he was born in a fictional Polish border city next to Forst, known as Równy (literally meaning "Equal")

DrLuigiGamer2001's Series

Jakub Cwerleszłski Randolf Born in February 28th, 1999 he is Polish-German due to one of his parents being Polish. He helped defend his friend from gangsters, evil doers, and more. Leopold talks with him a lot of times. He also helps Leopold get out of jail from Dark Leopold and gets praised for that. Sometimes he helps Fegelein for putting pepper mint and hot sauce for Hitler burning like a dragon and he also laughs with Leopold how Hitler says 'MOMMY! MOMMY! HEEEEEEEEEELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE".

PrinceStickFigure's AGK Series

Jake Randolf is a 15 year old gangster who is best friends with Leopold Slikk and Ronald Ramirez. As is also friends with Kaeru Otoko, Steve the Cat, Jade the Rabbit, and several other characters in PSF's series. He didn't appear in the series until PSF's rebooted series. He lives with his mom and dad Jakie and Randy Randolf.

Jayden Montoya's AGK Series

Jake is a member of The Slikks (Movie 2 and Reloaded) who chooses to battle on Leopold's side, taking out any members of The Bastards whenever he wishes or wants to. He didn't officially show up in the series until Adventures S4EP4 (Angry German Kid vs New Angry German Kid) along with his father, Stan Randolf.

AGKFan640's AGK Series

He is the best friend of Leopold. His first appearance is at Episode 47. He also appeared in Episode 69 and he also put candies in Leopold's Pumpkin.

Shiyamasaleem's AGK Series

He has a anthropomorphic tigress girlfriend called Flora Baggy. He likes The Loud House and Roblox.