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Jamie Fegelein

Jamie Fegelein is a female character created by pauladrian360. She was actually based on Keira Hagai from Jak and Daxter with less detail.

Appearance in Angry German Kid Series

pauladrian360 Angry German Kid Series

Jamie makes a debut in Episode "The Fegel Alliance". She is a sister of Hermann Fegelein who's leading the Fegel Alliance and Peter Sundler (Captain PS) love interest. Unlike his brother, Jamie doesn't commit Antics. She also made an upgrade for Leopold's armor .


  • She was the first female character created by pauladrian360.
  • Her outfit is quite resembles to Keira Hagai.
    • Her hairstyle somehow can be based on Traudl Junge.
  • She is one of Original Character to be related with real life person (Hermann Fegelein) the other being Potato Brimley.
  • She is the only character who changed different facial expressions.
  • She was going to be Fegelein's daughter but changed due to the fact that Peter and Hermann are friends and to avoid making Peter dating a minor age.