Jared and Jade's Restaurant (abbreviated as JJR) is a fictional specialty restaurant. They usually serve cakes, pastries, pastas, pizzas and salads. It is mentioned on episodes 6 Part 1 and 10 on Tulio Sheihee's Angry German Kid. (Requesting on the other parodies)

Workers involved

Worker Appearance on AGK Channel Episode Position Status


(if fired)

Harold Slikk Tulio Sheihee 6 (Part 1/2) Cashier Fired Customer Complaint
Kristoff Bjorgman Tulio Sheihee 10 Cashier Fired Customer Complaint
Leopold Slikk Tulio Sheihee 13 Cashier
Princess Anna of Arendelle Tulio Sheihee TBA TBA TBA TBA
EP10.mp4 000155791
EP10.mp4 000155791


  • On Tulio Sheihee's AGK Series, Episode 6 (Part 1/2), Harold work in there but the owner of this restaurant, called Jared and Jade, because they just recieved a lot of complaints from his customers.
  • Harold was hired in that restaurant as a cashier.
  • When Harold got fired on this restaurant, Kristoff Bjorgman took place as a cashier.
  • On the same parodist, Episode 10, Kristoff also got fired because he didn't served Leopold his order.

Suggestions to the other parodists

Please include this restaurant. This restaurant has only invented for entertainment purposes

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