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“Well well, as I live and breathe, Sonic.exe, you terrorize people, you give their hope up by scaring people, and it's time to see what you're afraid of, so prepare to fight!”
―Jayden on Sonic.exe, in ANTONIOCOMEDYVIDEOS' 20th episode

This article is about the character. You may be looking for the Slikker himself.

Jayden (fullname: Jayden William Monoya) is a mascot that represents his Slikker self in his series. For another appearances, he made himself appear on other Slikkers' series such as ANTONIOCOMEDYVIDEOS, Adrenaline21 and YumaSonic2016 — as well as other Splatoon GMod video makers' series such as Vayne Thompson.


AGK form

In his normal form, he wears his purple t-shirt, dark purple jeans (dark gray jeans in Adrenaline21's series), black shoes (brown shoes in Adrenaline21's series) and purple glasses.

In his non-canon corrupted form, he has different appearances as Succubus (female version of demon), this appearance only occurs at animated version only. In comic version for Jayden's corrupted self, Jayden has long white hair, red eyeballs, black pupil, dark gray T-Shirt, dark ripped gray jeans and black shoes.

Splatoon form

In his Splatoon form, he uses an emo hairstyle (the fourth hairstyle option in Splatoon 2) and wears the Urchins Jersey as his clothing, Retro Specs as his headgear and Black Trainers as his shoes.


In AGK series

For the episode appearances, see below:


Originally planned to appear in Unleashed episode 21, he has yet to appear in an episode of Reloaded.


He appears on episode 41 as a missing Slikker and appears as his succubus form on "Vs Jayden Montoya" episode.


Jayden debuted in episode 5, and returned to episodes 6, 7, 10 and 20. He also appears in Antonio and Friends The Movie 2: Curse and Cult and Antonio and Friends The Movie 3: Final Showdown as one of the protagonists.


Jayden debuts in Episode 3. Despite being shy in general, he does try to be as calm as possible to others. He was also originally rivals with Leopold. Jayden is known to have anxiety issues as well.


During a fight scene, Jayden instantly transforms into his Splatoon form. He can also turn into an inkling as to camouflage from enemies.

In the Splatoon GMod series

Vayne Thompson

His only appearance in any Splatoon GMod video. Appearing in the first episode of Vayne Misadventures, he is one of the many allies with Vayne throughout the whole series.


Jayden's biodata can be seen in Arc/Season 3 only as:

Name: Jayden William Montoya

Japanese Translation:

ジェイデンウィリアムモントヤ (Jeiden Wiriamu Montoya)

Age: 17 (Season 3)

Birthdate: 10th November 2001

Blood Type: ???

Alignment: Evil



Siblings: ???

Height: ??? cm

Weight: ??? kg



  • Jayden has the most redesigns out of any character:
    • Mid-2015: It was his character from the 2013 game Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
    • Mid-2016: Redesigned to be a color-swap of Edd from the online video series Eddsworld.
    • Late 2016: Maintaining the same appearance as Mallie's old appearance only with color retweaks.
    • Early 2017: Became more similar to PVMAGKVIDEOS' Jaiden character.
    • Late 2017 (current): Looks less similar to Jaiden and more similar to his real-life appearance with the addition of glasses, tanned skin and darker hair/eyes.
    • Early 2018 (current): Whilst resembling his late 2017 sprite, he has been Inklingified to match his in-game Splatoon 2 character, keeping in the glasses while reverting back to a lighter skin and eye color, and the hair color has been changed from brown to purple.
  • He was born when Indonesia celebrated "National Heroes Day".