JeNeZiZ is an Angry German Kid parodist who makes AKM & AGK videos.



JeNeZiZ Bloke from UK makes AKM videos Also makes Montage Parodies back in 2014 With his Best Friend OzzyPippin, Also decided to delete his channel, 2017 is where he started joining the AGK Community AGK with a classic style, bit of a Dank flavor, With Regular Show inspired to it

Screenshot 2020-04-13-23-07-23.png

and gets positive reviews, And also he was featured in one of PVM's videos (Only One) -------------------------------------------------->

on 2018 he was taking a break from AGK videos 2019 is where he comes back and join the AKM Crews cause he saw OzzyPippin joins

He is the 18th Member of the AKM Family, and the 2nd Popular AKM Parodist.


Leopold Slikk

Some mate from the future

MC Ride

Leopold's Best Friend

Ice Age Baby

Leopold's enemy

AKM Videos

# Title Uploaded Watch
1 AGK vs Ice Age Baby 4/28/2020
2 AGK Meets MC Ride 5/24/2020

AKM Collabs

# Title Uploaded Watch
1 AGK Saves Snoop Dogg 4/20/2020
2 AGK Saves Skeleton Mane
3 AGK Saves Santa



  • He hates Cringe videos
  • He sometimes hates napping
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