Jeffery Slikk is a character in Crucial's AGK Series. He is Leopold Slikk's extremely abusive grandfather. He also the father Harold Slikk. He appears in Episode 2: Angry German Kid goes back in time, and is the main antagonist for the second part of the episode. He is much more abusive than his son. He is first seen chasing his son out of the house in the final minutes of the first part of episode 2, which takes place in 1966.


Jeffery was born on January 13th, 1929 in Berlin, Germany. Jeffery had a normal childhood, he was a B student in school, and he played sports. During World War II, in 1942 to 1946, Jeffery's family went into hiding in an underground fallout shelter in fear of being captured by the German Nazis, since Jeffery's parents were Jewish. Due to the isolation, Jeffery developed intermittent explosive disorder (IED). This caused him to constantly lash out in extreme anger. He was sent to a mental hospital in 1949 by his parents to try and help treat the disorder. This was not the case. Jeffery was released in 1950, and got a job as a radio broadcaster. While working here, he met the love of his life, Bella Slikk. They combined funds, and he was able to buy a 2 story home to start a family. Later that year, they conceived Harold Slikk, and he was born in 1951. Jeffery had passed on IED to Harold Slikk. They lived a miserable life in the suburbs, with Jeffery and Harold constantly lashing out due to their disorder. It wasn't until 1966, that everything changed.


AGK Episode 2 Part 1

AGK Episode 2 Part 2 (Coming soon)

Set to appear as a recurring character.

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