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This character is not popular or recognized in the parody universe.
Because it didn't appear frequently in other series or didn't have an actual appearance in the Angry German Kid parody universe. These type of characters are considered unpopular.

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Jeseca Rabswell is the orange female tomboy bunny and Hoppus’ girlfriend made by GeneBernardinoLawl. She voiced by the unknown actor.



  • Her fur color was similar to Bun-Lorr (from the pitched series “CatGuy Kapowie”), which is soon reworked as Hoppus (from Mighty Magiswords)
  • Before Jeseca Rabswell is Hoppus’ girlfriend, Witchy Simone was a frienemy of Hoppus.
  • Jeseca Rabswell’s sometimes a striper (which is you see on the uncensored animated version of the Angry German Kid Show NEXT episodes featuring her)
    • She don’t like to undress herself. That’s why she blushes.
  • Her birthplace is the same as Hoppus originally lives.
  • It is revealed that she is the one of the hybrids between Witches and Bunnies on the episode "Resurrection 'K'".
  • She is also the one of the people who used the Hakai technique from Dragon Ball Super. The other ones are Hoppus (only on comic), Witchy Simone and Prohyas Warrior