JewGrassickTV (AKM) is an Israel parodist who makes AGK & AKM videos.


JewGrassickTV was born on Feb 22, 2001 in Israel, the first ever Israel parodist, Before he join the community he was living a normal life.

2016 is where he join YouTube no videos just a commenter at the time with no experience of editing, 2019 is the time were he join the community known for his AGK Shitposting style and become our AKM shitpost master.

He is the 20th Member of the AKM Family.



funny meme

AKM Videos

# Title Uploaded Watch
1 AGK Watches memes Oct 1, 2020
2 AGK and AKM Characters Portrayed by Spongebob Oct 18, 2020
3 me making AGK video speedrun WORLD RECORD! Dec 10, 2020



  • He's jewish.
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