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Jhonerick2000 (Jhonerick Arreza, aka jhonerick2000 enterprises, inc., company name: Jhonerick Arreza Productions, Inc.) is a parodist who made AGK parody since April 2014. His AGK series revolves around the main protagonist: Leopold Slikk (Angry German Kid, Keyboard Crusher, Der Echte Gangster). It follows Leopold in his adventures.

On August 27, 2015, Jhonerick Arreza changed his company name Jhonerick Arreza Productions, inc. (JESI or JEAPI) to produce one or more shorts and karaoke songs.

All this information has been read, edited and confirmed by jhonerick.


  • Leonard Slikk - Leopold's little brother, he is more mature, intelligent and easier to approach than Leopold, although Leonard seems to have close anger problems like his Father and Brother they are always in no way as bad as theirs, Leonard sometimes uses words like "Please" and asks nicely if he can play together with his big brother, but is always denied that allowance. Leonard is not that guilty though, as he is also able to do bad things.
  • Harold Slikk - The Father of Leopold and clearly the dominating Male-head of the Slikk Family, he is often very abusive of his son Leopold and on few occassions, Leonard, he is usually seen trying to get Leopold to school which Leopold always refuses to, he is impulsive, aggressive, angry and rude to others, which he rarely has any empathy for, if he has any at all, he is almost always a sort of Antagonist to Leopold, despite his Child Abuse, he is not portrayed as being a failure and stupid like his son Leopold, he really does seem to care about Leonard and is often fair to him, he doesn't seem to be in trouble with his wife.
  • Stephen Quire - A rival of Leopold. He spends his life playing WoW and playing the piano.
  • Jhonerick Arreza - A friend of Leopold. He spending his life Jhonerick (now J. Arreza) and his JEAPI Studio Orchestra.
  • Angry English Kid - A rival of Leopold. He installed Sony Vegas Pro 10.0e and watches WaltDisney.exe, and he smashes to this computer.


Title Watch Notes
Season 1
1 Angry German Kid Installs Windows 98
2 Angry German Kid attempts to play DOTA 2
3 Angry German Kid Takes A Dump
4 Angry German Kid Goes Bed
5 Angry German Kid Plays Sonic Riders ZG (Finale)
Season 2
1 Angry German Kid Gets Trojan
  • Considered a Lost Episode, due to copyright strike in July 19, 2016.
2 Angry German Kid Retakes the Stupid Quiz

Angry German Kid Plays Super Mario 64

4 Angry German Kid Watches Hitler.exe
5 Angry German Kid Plays Unreal Tournament
6 Angry German Kid and the Math Test