Joey Slikk is a character who first appeared in Episode 6 of Joey Slikk's AGK Series, He likes cookies, pizza and burgers. He drinks water, Sprite, fruit punch, and Iced Tea. One of his favorite games were Warpath Jurassic Park, M.U.G.E.N, and Neopets (on some occasion).

The character's design has been criticised, parodied and mocked due to its weird anatomy, drawing in MS Paint, primarily because his body and shoes resemble boxes (often referred to as a cereal box and tissue boxes, respectively), and that his head resembles a massive lemon. Recent iterations of the character have the edges of his body and shoes curved to make them appear more rounded.


He has Tannish Beige skin, a Goldish yellow shirt, Blue pants, Green shoes with White stripes, Green Eyes, Blue Hair, A big nose like Mario, and Green Glasses.


Leopold, Jake, Neopets, M.U.G.E.N., Warpath Jurassic Park, cookies, pizza, burgers, playing on his computer.


Going to summer school, being called a cereal box, getting dislikes, people hating him.



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