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Johnny Fort Spieler is the former antagonist in Adrenaline21's AGK Series. He was introduced in Episode 1 of Adrenaline21's AGK Series that will prank on other people.

"Johnny is the 1st son from 3 sons of antic lover family and he would known as the antic guy in his former school"

-Quotes from Episode 1-

"He was born at the same year as Leopold in Germany. Before reach into 2000s, he was moved to Ireland. Johnny was called Antic Guy by his friends since on he's on elementary school in Dublin. After he was finished his elementary and junior high, he went to Germany to meet Leopold again at senior high school in Berlin."

-Johnny's character description in Episode 5-


In the end of episode 5 before the credits, Johnny was born in Germany (possibly Berlin, when he meets Leopold again) at 15th October 1995. In Episode 2's flashback reference by Leopold, Johnny had a tour in Indonesia at 1996. Again in Episode 5, he moved to Ireland with his family in 1998 (Episode 6). Johnny was called as Antic Guy by his friends in his elementary school until he went to his junior high school. 3 years later after his success in his junior high school, he later moved to Berlin, Germany to meet Leopold again in his senior high school.

In his daily life, he annoys his enemies with his antics and allied with Leopold (episode 3), Adrenaline21 (episode 6) and his friends.

In season 2, 3, Final Mix and Final Mix~The Movie~ Bumper, his biodata can be seen as...

Name: Johnny Fort Spieler

Japanese Translation:

ジョニーフォルトシュピーレン (Jonii Foruto Shupiiren, Johnny Fort Spielen)

Age: 15-16 (Season 1-3), 22-23 (Final Mix and Final Mix~The Movie~)

Birthdate: 15th October 1995

Blood Type: AB

Alignment: Good


Amy Fort Spieler/Amy Christiano Wijaya (mother)

Zeke Fort Spieler (father)


Brad Fort Spieler (younger brother)

Derek Fort Spieler (younger brother)

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 69 kg


Johnny has Spiel-related antic weapons that annoy Leopold Slikk.

In Episode 1, he introduces Viacom BND of Doom, Spiel-Faster, Spiel-Demon, Spiel-Reverser and Viacom Sonic.exe of Doom. Later, Johnny becomes Leopold's friends when episode 2 starts.

In Episode 2, Leopold yells at Johnny due to his Indosiar Flying Fish of Doom antic prank but he's not using that antic instead Fegelein uses his Spiel-Prank in his house.

In Episode 3, Johnny uses Spiel-Sword, Spiel-Shield and Spiel-Remote when he and Leopold are fighting with Barney

In Episode 4, an additional weapon to Johnny Fort Spieler named Spiel-Exploder

In Episode 5, same as episode 3 and 4.

In Episode 6, Johnny uses his Spiel-Trap to Adrenaline21 for being immovable for 3 Turns.

In Episode 8, he uses same antic from the 1st episode and 4th episode.

IIn Episode 1 Remake, Johnny uses Sonic.exe to Leopold.


His Personal Facts

What Johnny Likes

  • Hermann Fegelein
  • Prank someone with his antics

What Johnny Hates

  • People making fun of him
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Togsy
  • Justin Bieber
  • Ugandan Knuckles
  • Nova
  • Exo
  • Zangetsu
  • Victoria De Vance
  • Alvaro De Vance
  • Valkyria


  • Johnny Fort Spieler has the similarities with Sasuke Uchiha as:
    • Both of them are dark blue/black haired while their rivals, Leopold and Naruto are blonde haired.
    • Both of them are AB-Blood Type
  • Also, Johnny Fort Spieler is similar to Hermann Fegelein from Der Untergang Parody Universe as:
    • Pranking their enemy/rival with their antics (Leopold and Hitler, respectively)