Jovi (born May 7, 1982) is the main antagonist in Jeeves476's AGK series.
Leopold vs Jovi

Leopold (left) is about to attack Jovi (first on the right, near toys).


  • It turns out that she is the one that ordered Nintendo to send Leopold a fake Super Mario Galaxy disc, Hannah Montana to prank Leopold and Michael Jackson to do unspeakable things to Leopold. Worst of all, it turns out that she is the one who stole Leopold's Dad's steroid set.
  • According to the article, it is believed that Tracy Slikk is friends with her.

Jovi Montagu (WedgePee's Angry German Kid Series)

In WedgePee's Series, her surname is revealed to be Montagu, and she was born February 19, 1998. She also claims she "never really had a father", because he killed himself 12 days after Jovi was born. However, her mother married Peter Hamilton that year, bringing his children and Graham Hamilton into the family, and she believed Peter was her real father until she was 10.

Leopold's AGK Series

Jovi is going to make an eventual appearance in an episode.


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