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This character is not popular or recognized in the parody universe.
Because it didn't appear frequently in other series or didn't have an actual appearance in the Angry German Kid parody universe. These type of characters are considered unpopular.

If you think your character appeared in other series as well, make sure to link a source and a popular series on this page to prove it.

Justin Bieber's Servants consist of the characters from most hated kid shows such as Teen Titans GO!, Johnny Test, etc. (Except Fred Figglehorn, a character that comes from a YouTube show instead). They'll make their debut in Episode 27 as Justin Bieber hires them to kidnap the women and battling with Leopold's crew if they want to stop his villainous plan. For their appearances, they always have the BND of Doom's head. This idea was originated from Adrenaline21 as he thought about the extension from the kids shows that became antagonists.

List of members

Fred Show

Debut: Episode ??

  • Fred Figglehorn

Teen Titans GO!

Debut: Episode 35

  • Robin
  • Beast Boy
  • Cyborg
  • Raven
  • Starfire

Uncle Grandpa

Debut: Episode ??

  • Uncle Grandpa
  • Mr. Gus
  • Pizza Steve


Debut: Episode ??

  • Kevin
  • Tyler
  • Shope
  • Roach

Powerpuff Girls/Ben 10 (2016)


Episode 27 (Ben 10, 2016)

Episode ?? (Powerpuff Girls, 2016)

  • Ben
  • Gwen
  • Grandpa Max
  • Blossom
  • Bubbles
  • Buttercup

Johnny Test

Debut: Episode ??

  • Johnny
  • Dukey

Fanboy & Chum-Chum

Debut: Episode ??

  • Fanboy
  • Chum-Chum

Sanjay & Craig

Debut: Episode ??

  • Sanjay Patel
  • Craig


Debut: Episode ??

  • Sway-Sway
  • Buhdeuce


  • This group mostly comes from the most hated cartoon shows (except Fred Figglehorn) instead of Barney, Dora and Caillou.
  • This group is based on the fans' hate reaction against the horrible new cartoon shows.