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A Kaiju Airways 737.

Kaiju Airways is a fictional airline which operates out of Berlin and is based in Japan. It flies to both Tokyo and Monster Island. Its passengers are mostly Kaiju, who are shrunk down so that they can ride onboard the planes.


RCT3Crashes100's Angry German Kid Series

Kaiju Airlines is first referred to by Tiny Arstron in Episode 6, Leopold and the Mysterious Orb. After telling Leopold about Palkia rampaging through the city, he recommends that Leopold flies on a short flight across the city. In Episode 7, Leopold goes on the flight, and notices Palkia nearby. He sneaks into the first class area, and meets Yapool and his pet Choju, Vakishim, alongside Dark Zagi and Alien Baltan. He transforms into Blue Orb Leopold and then blasts Palkia with a Keyboard Blast, damaging the plane and killing Palika. The plane then has to return to Berlin, much to Leopold's anger.

Known Users

  • Leopold Slikk
  • Tiny Arstron and his family
  • Vakishim
  • Yapool
  • Alien Baltan
  • Ultraman Belial
  • Dark Zagi