Kenpo (拳法) is a fictional martial art made by Ticha190, based on the original Kenpo (Chinese/Japanese martial arts). Kenpo is known for being a brutal assasination art and a healing art. Kenpo is a parody of Hokuto Shinken, Himokiri (Cord Cut Karate), Judo, MMA, Karate, Nanto Sei Ken and wrestling.


Its origin comes from Heaven, but as a form of energy. It has given to humans to defense themselves and protect others, but as the years wore out, it became more and more corrupted as an other energy called Evil took over it. Humans converted this strong energy, into a physical combat using arms, legs, hands, elbows, feet, caps, fingers, nails, teeth, head, vibration and air pressure.

In Ticha190's series

In Ticha190's series, Leopold studies Kenpo to become strong, but the real reason for teaching him is to him to become its next succesor after Ninja Ticha which is Leopold's Kenpo teacher and a close ally.


Tensai is one of the great masters, who helped building the art: Kenpo. A national hero, and samurai in blood.


Known as Tensai's younger sibling, but far different. Vengful and brutal, shell slain anyone in his way. Tensai and Fukushu were both great masters with such unique energy, Tensai's energy was pure and heavenly, while Fukushu's was a devil's like and had self desires to destroy anyone who awakenes the demon hidden in this energy. Leopold has it, because of his selfishness and his vindictiveness. When he turns to the demon hidden in his energy, it takes a form of the previous users who were just like Leopold. In that case, it takes the shape of Fukushu. Red skin, veins are very visible, eyes of a wolf and a grey hair. This energy is almost similiar to Evil's energy.

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