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The many victims of Leopold Slikk.

Keyboards are AGK's iconic item, weapon of choice, and tireless victim. While Leopold himself has become an iconic internet meme, the keyboard itself has also gone to legendary status for the way Leopold thrashes it around with brute force.

Common Gags

  • Leopold will sometimes lose the escape button, where he frantically tries to search for it in a whimpering manner.
  • AGK82's series revealed that he has a keyboard dispenser underneath his desk.
  • In any animation or RPG battle parody, Leopold will always have an attack that involves smashing the keyboard against an opponent. This attack is usually the weakest one.
  • If a video is played backwards, Leopold will scream in pain as if the keyboard is on fire.
    • He also sneezes and giggles when he removed the escape button.
  • Leopold will smash the keyboard after something doesn't go his way, yet the next scene, the keyboard will look fine.
  • Some parodies will play it straight by making the keyboard actually lose functuality.
  • Harold Slikk is usually heard beating on his son with a keyboard. Sometimes it sounds like both opponents are hitting each other with one.
  • Whenever a parody has him waiting for his computer to load, he will sometimes threaten to destroy the keyboard if it doesn't load up quickly.
  • Leopold might change his language keys since he only speaks in different languages. Tom Chang sometimes smash his keyboard to prevent Leopold typing in different ways. (spoiler)
  • Usually, when Leopold gets upset about something bad that has happened to him, he smashes his keyboard.
  • Sion Eltnam Atlasia used her own special keyboards but she can fire large Wave Cannon but the wave cannon called "Mini Burst W.Cannon".

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