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Keynorm is a term, coined by the AKM parodist: Zurkyz11, often used for members of the AGK community whom their behavior is often (for good reason) complained by other people. These often describe people who only knows and follows the current popular parodist in the community and their knowledge on the AGK meme is quite lacking. Other behaviors come in the form of requesting episode ideas to parodists (Often that doesn't go according to that parodist's tone) or reproducing ideas that often fall into cliches. The worst type of behavior on this side of the community, are the ones that fall in theft, either in ideas, plots and worse case scenario: clips or whole episodes from other parodists.

AKM description

What is a Keynorm/Normal Keyboard you may ask?

A keynorm is a small AGK parodist creator who makes .exe videos, an AGK copycat no originality, Bland Boring Stupid as hell AGK videos, Stealing other AGK content, Begging popular AGK parodist to be in their AGK series, Knows nothing about AGK, retarded AGK requests, can't handle criticisms, Jokes, opinions, taking it too damn serious gets offended easily. And should not be allowed in our community WE SHOULD EXTERMINATE THEM IMMEDIATELY!

What should we do to them?

>We shall protek our keyboards from keynorms

>Save our lord Leopold Slikk

>See a keynorm

>Take keynorms to the dungeon

>Hang keynorms

>Torture a keynorm

>Burn a keynorm

>Drink beer and eat sausage eggs with ya keyboard mates

>Party hard

They're killing the community and it has to stop.