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KurwaAntics is a former AGK parodist who closed down his youtube channel in October 2017. He is currently an Unterganger. He's also a Polandball fan.


yhynerson1999 (2009-2010)

KurwaAntics only remembered a little regarding his old channel. He had once made a custom Windows 8 intro using Microsoft PowerPoint (but now it is lost and can no longer be found).

Once his computer stopped responding and was forced restart (or suddenly shuts off, he can't remember), his old account can no longer be accessed.

yhynerson1 (2010-2016)

After that sad moment he decided to start a new channel using the same name, but for some reason, the new name changed to "yhynerson1". This new username is used since then.

His new channel was established on 3rd May. And then he made videos such as "AGK vs Animation". Once he tried to start his AGK series but not so successful since he has a crappy computer.

In June 2011, he uploaded his first AGK parody - AGK VS Animation.

One month later, his computer was unable to start. At the end of the summer vacation, his uncle gave him a new laptop.

New PC (2011)

After getting a new laptop, he can make more videos with high performance. But he hasn't switched to a new video editor yet, and his old one still always lags, until he got Sony Vegas Pro.

Sony Vegas (2013)

He uses the new video editor well, and can make HD videos. But his channel has only improved a little bit.

New system (2014)

He got a Solid State Drive (SSD), which is almost 3 times fast as the old HDD. And then he got Windows 8.1. Now he can make better videos. In March 2015, he started his AGK series.

MacBook Pro (2015)

Since his Lenovo laptop had badass CPU and graphics performance, he got a MacBook Pro for video editing as well as DS emulating so that he can make videos and render them in an instant. He is not getting a new computer probably in the next few years.


Due to lack of time and have to deal with schoolwork, as well as losing interest on both AGK and Downfall Parodies, he stopped making those parodies and retired in October 2015. Now he has moved focus on contributing in Wikia and web developing and has moved his interest to Polandball.


In April 2016, he decided to return and he posted a video seeking for opinions.

KurwaAntics (2016-2017)

In May 2016 to July 2016 he changed his username several times. In July 2016 he changes his username to KurwaAntics, in favor of Polandball.

After seeing TheCrazinessCat announces his retirement due to people calling his channel name instead of his real name, KurwaAntics changed his username once again, this time with his real name.

On January 7, 2017, he made an announcement that he will move to a new channel, but there will be a 4-month gap that no videos will be uploaded on both channels, due to exams and other concerns.

Second retirement

On May 10, 2017, he abandoned his new channel and moved to Facebook. A day later, he closed his new channel.

Later, due to lack of ideas and motivation, he declared himself retired.

In October 2017, he deleted his channel. Some of his videos were then re-uploaded onto Vimeo.


  • Leopold Slikk
  • Harold Slikk
  • Zemleroyka - Leopold's summer school teacher. "Zemleroyka" is a Russian word, means "shrew"[1]
  • Mr. Eagarlich - Leopold's new teacher who will appear in episode 1. His name is from the word "ärgerlich" (annoying). He is voiced by Microsoft Sam.
  • Adolf Hitler - Takes the role of Leopold's Principal. His dictatorship makes him the only principal since founded.
  • Asco - The temporary principal in once summer while Hitler went to a conversation about Hitler parodies. "Asco" is a Spanish word, means "disgust".[1] During Asco in office, Leopold's life has reached the trough. He is still Leopold's principal in episode 1.
  • Ronald Ramirez - Leopold's classmate.
  • Sim - The Angry Sims Kid. Leopold's classmate.
  • Look Who's Back Hitler - The new Hitler from the novel Er ist wieder da (English: Look Who's Back).[2]


  • Full name Böse Kinder Gymnasium (lit. Angry Kids School) A school of Leopold, Stephen, Ronald and other angry kids. Its name is not mentioned.
  • A shopping center in Hong Kong. Leopold once visited this plaza, and found its name outrageous.[3]


Title Description Aired
1 Leopold's New School Year It's time to clean up the mood and to go to school! Leopold was still in a state of exaltation. What will his first school day be? 6 March 2015
2 Leopold's Homework During Leopold's suspension, he has to do a few assignments for punishment. Can he complete all of them? 30 March 2015



In Wikia

KurwaAntics is one of the major contributors on this wiki. He joined in June 2012 and was promoted in June 2014. Despite being a Hongkonger, he can still write in quite decent English. In February 1st, 2018, he made a new account and decided to switch to it as mentioned here. As of May 2018, he became majorly inactive in the wiki.

He also takes part in contribution on Hitler Parody Wiki and Polandball Wiki.

He can write in an advanced level of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


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  • Before KurwaAntics, Brian Chiem also claimed that he is a Hongkonger, but that wasn't true.

This makes him the only user in the wiki from Hong Kong.

    • Because of this KurwaAntics becomes the only one in the AGK community from Hong Kong.
  • Despite being promoted by Pauladrian360, KurwaAntics actually joined this wiki earlier than him.