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This article is about the character from Silver Panther 2000's series. You may be looking for the character from "We Bare Bears".

Kyle is the main secondary deuteragonist in Silver Panther 2000's AGK Series, he is also Silver Panther 2000's mascot.

Appearances in AGK Parodies

Silver Panther 2000's AGK Series

Silver Panther 2000's Original AGK Series

He makes he debut in episode 2, he is Leopold's most recent neighbor, later he ends up befriending Leopold.

Silver Panther 2000's New AGK Series

To be announced.


Old sprites/unused expressions

What he Likes

  • Dinosaurs.
  • Movies (action, horror, sci-Fi, and 2D/3D animation)

What he Dislikes

  • Demons.


  • He will have his own series called "The Kyle Misadventures." The date is currently unknown.
  • This is Silver Panther 2000's Oldest OC he ever made.
  • It is unknown what Kyle told Leopold.